14 foods to beat the bloat

We all know how to it is in winter; all that time spent lounging around in bed and eating takeaways and not necessarily making it to the gym as much as you should (or at all - guilty!). This combination can often leave you feeling sluggish and bloated but don't worry - try digging into one of these foods to beat the bloat!

1. Tomatoes

As well as beating the bloat, tomatoes have loads of other health benefits like helping to battle cancer and prevent heart disease so they're a great all-rounder! Article_BeatTheBloat_1 Image source

2. Turmeric

This spice is a real tummy-pleaser - it helps with both bloating and indigestion. Article_BeatTheBloat_3 Image source  

3. Pineapple

Pineapple contains potassium which is great for digestion but it also contains bromelain which aids in the digestion of protein. Article_BeatTheBloat_4 Image source

4. Oats

Not only do they make a tasty breakfast but their level of potassium and B vitamins keep the bloating to a minimum too. Article_BeatTheBloat_7 Image source

5. Parsley

If you're trying to fight the bloat then why not garnish your dinner with some chopped parsley? Parsley has a unique blend of oils that help to relax digestive muscles. Article_BeatTheBloat_6 Image source

6. Cranberry juice

The diuretic effects of cranberry juice not only help with bloating but they can also help with a number of tummy upsets! Article_BeatTheBloat_11 Image source

7. Rice

Rice and rice flour are better for digestion than carbs such as wheat and potatoes because they are digested in the small intestine - meaning there's less potential to cause bloating! Article_BeatTheBloat_2 Image source

8. Kiwi

Super high in fibre, kiwi fruit will help to kick start digestion and have your tummy feeling flatter in no time. Article_BeatTheBloat_8 Image source

9. Ginger

The digestive benefits of ginger have been noted all the way back to ancient Chinese medicines so you can probably assume it's a tried and tested method! Article_BeatTheBloat_12 Image source

10. Peppermint Tea

Not only does mint help with digestion but it has been shown to lower appetite too. Article_BeatTheBloat_5 Image source

11. Honeydew melon

This fruit helps to flush any excess water from the system and also replaces electrolytes - plus it's really tasty too! Article_BeatTheBloat_10 Image source

12. Kimchi

This tasty Korean staple is brimming with probiotics to help with bloat reducing. Article_BeatTheBloat_9 Image source

13. Sunflower seeds

This one is more of a tasty swap. If you're a regular gum chewer then it could be bloating you up without you realising. Snack on a few sunflower seeds instead and you'll notice a big difference! Article_BeatTheBloat_14 Image source

14. Water

This one is probably an obvious one but the health benefits of drinking more water are endless! Although bloating is often caused by excess water, it actually helps if you drink more water (weird right?). The more you drink, the more your body will want to get rid of! Article_BeatTheBloat_13 Image source

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