Tech essentials students ACTUALLY need

In this new world we’re living in, tech is going to play an even bigger role in things to come. So whether you’re physically moving away for uni and need to stay connected or you’re doing more online courses, you’ll need to be armed with the best tech. Take a look at all the essentials we’ve compiled so you can get what you need, and know what's nice to have.

A reliable laptop

Speaking from experience, the worst thing that can happen to you at uni is your laptop dying halfway through writing a set of important essays. Getting a laptop you can rely on can really save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Here are a few options for the best ones on the market right now:

  • HP Chromebook 14: Vivid screen, great portability, average battery life.
  • Dell XPS 15: Great for creative students, amazing speakers, on the pricey side (but could be a great investment.)
  • MacBook Air 2020: Improved keyboard, more storage options, average battery life.

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Having a good pair of headphones at uni is great for so many reasons. It allows you to dial into online classes from anywhere, give you some privacy if you’re studying in the library (even if you’re not listening to anything!) or just gets you feeling pumped on the way to a lecture.

First decide what kind of a headphone person you are: over-ear or earbuds? For over-ear lovers we particularly like Sennheiser’s new HD 450BT noise-cancelling headphones. For in-ear, we are also fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ that deliver crystal clear calls and have a long-lasting battery.

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Portable speakers

Now that the only social events we look forward to are park and garden meet-ups , you’ll know just how crucial it is to have good music to set the vibe. Everyone also knows that the person with the good speakers is the automatic saviour of any social event, so it’s worth getting a good one!

JBL has great speakers in all sizes and the best part is that, of course, you get 20% off at JBL with your UNiDAYS discount.

Nice to haves

  • TV subscription- yes, you go for the study but a wonderful side-effect is having time to binge-watch A LOT of TV. We’ve got you covered with deals on Disney+ and Prime Video.
  • Polaroid camera- you’ll be making loads of new memories and sometimes it’s nice to have physical copies of your fave moments!
  • Games console- Whether you’re waiting for the new Playstation to drop or you’re lugging your current console to uni with you, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time on it.
  • Hard drive- a more practical purchase, but you’ll be grateful when you have somewhere to store all your uni work, photos and everything in between!

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