Robin Schulz: The interview

Ahead of BigCityBeat’s World Club Dome in Frankfurt, star artist Robin Schulz spoke with us about dance music’s boldest brand. Looking forward to a homecoming show, fans of the icon can expect new tracks too from a forthcoming album, when he takes to the stadium mainstage…

What track are you most excited about playing at World Club Dome?

It´s not only one but some of my own new tracks from the forthcoming album. Be curious!

What are you most looking forward to at World Club Dome?

I love festivals in general! WCD is unique because of the extraordinary venue, there I can feel the energy of 60,000 people partying with me. It always gives me goosebumps and I'm really looking forward to it!

Are you excited about playing in your home country? What effect does it have on your sets?

I enjoy playing around the world but coming home to Germany is like playing in my living room. Everything began here and I'm always looking forward to meeting old fellows again, especially while playing at German venues.

You have become something of a talisman to BigCityBeats, how did it happen and what has it achieved in your career?

Have I? I really like the ideas and the spirit of the promoter, they always try to make impossible things possible. It is impressive, surprising, and I really like these new challenges.

How have you grown into performing on stage; do you have your own routine or lucky charm?

To be honest, I still have no real routine whilst on stage. I am always nervous before, but when I’ve started performing on stage, feeling the energy of all the people in front of me, there is no better place in the universe. So, except my setlist, there's nothing really planned before. I prefer to let myself flow.

On your time off, what do you like doing? Is World Club Cruise your kind of a vacation, or something quieter!?

My time off I mostly spend at home. Of course, I am also lucky enough to spend some days on the nicest spots, even sailing around the world. But, I only ever really come down when I am back at my house.

Being able to travel around the world, where's been your favourite place? Notably, you hosted last year’s Club Jet, how challenging was that!?

Club Jet was amazing, as with all of the stuff around WCD! It was a crazy idea to party above the clouds, what’s not to like. Three of my favourite places in the world are Brazil, Dubai and South Africa - I would love to spend more time there.

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