Q&A with Lucy Mecklenburgh

We caught up with our ultimate fit-spo Lucy Mecklenburgh from Results With Lucy to ask her some burning fitness and healthy eating questions that we’ve been dying to find out the answers to!

You’re a fitness powerhouse! How would you say upping your fitness has changed you?

Fitness for me is about more than just how you look! When I work out, it lifts my mood and sets me up for feeling much more awake throughout the day, especially working out with my PT Cecilia and doing one of my online Results with Lucy workouts. She is hilarious and so much fun! I used to have bad cellulite on my legs and just feel sluggish all the time. I had no motivation to do anything and would often grab a quick sandwich at work or something like that! I always wondered why I was so tired! I find my focus has improved and I feel so much happier. Healthy eating and fitness come hand in hand and when I eat better, it makes me feel good from the inside, out. Now, I am more awake, alert and ready to start my day.

Do you have go-to pre and post-workout snacks?

I don’t necessarily have something that I swear by but I do believe in eating well and balancing your life 80/20 (80 clean/20 whatever you want!) … That said, it is really important to fuel your body! If I am working out in the morning, I will have an omelette with spinach and feta about half hour to an hour before and then after my workout I will make sure I have a protein smoothie. Having something quick, healthy and high in protein after a workout is a must!

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

My weakness is pasta! So if I am going to have a cheat meal it will usually be a big bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine – there is nothing better than Italian food.  

Favourite move from your Results With Lucy workouts?

I have LOADS of favourite moves so I don’t know if I could just pick one! I love HIIT workouts, so 45secs of max effort and then a rest – I find it works so well and really gets your heart rate going! If I had to pick one move though it would probably be a plank! It works so many muscles from your abs to your arms that you cant really go wrong with it… I also love doing burpees, they work your whole body, even though they are as awful as they sound. Skipping is also fantastic cardio and works really quickly and I love the RWL Pilates videos with Lisa as it is so important to keep your core strong. TEMPLATE-ARTICLES_BLOG

Favourite brand for gym-gear?

I love wearing Ellesse! Not only is it super stylish but it is super comfortable. They have just brought out their new range which I LOVE. Lots of hot pinks and grey for a really girly look.

What’s the best 10 minute workout to fit into everyday life?

If I am really rushed for time, I will always try and squeeze in a workout, even if it is while my dinner is cooking away!! As I said earlier, HIIT is perfect for working hard for a short space of time so if you really only have ten mins, try a cardio move, abs moves, arms moves and legs move for 45 seconds each and repeat twice. You will be surprised how sweaty you get in just 10 minutes when you put in maximum effort.

Who is your fit-spo?

In terms of celebrities, I would have to say Jessica Alba, she is gorgeous and has a really athletic figure. In my personal life, I would say one of my trainers Sophie Holmes! She has Cystic Fibrosis and with her determination she has completely transformed her body and outlook. She is a fully qualified PT and has the most insane abs! We even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together – she is one of the only people with CF to achieve that.

What’s your top tip for staying motivated when you’re busy?

For me, it is about looking at how far I have come. Before Cecilia and RWL, I was so drained and had cellulite on my legs and bum – now I am full of energy and have muscles I didn’t even know I had!! I am so proud of how much I have changed my out look on working out and food and that is my motivation, to see how far I have come. I always use pictures too rather than scales, I think they are a much better reflection of your body changing! My RWL fitties also keep me motivated. These girls are completing my plans and together we have created such an amazing online community of support. I see what they are cooking for dinner and that they got up at 5am (!!!!) to workout and I’m like, ok I have no excuses now, let’s go Lucy! They are all so inspiring.

What’s next for RWL?

We are just about to launch our brand new programme, OnDemand and OnDemand+ which are both designed for EVERYONE! Because you can create your own workout playlist and build on the exercises you like, it means anyone can workout and also focus on the areas they want too – basically be your own boss! We have a huge bank of nearly 400 workout videos with me, my head PT Cecilia and 10+ personal trainers and each of them focuses on different things. We also have 450+ healthy recipes to pick from so you can always fuel your workouts! Plus, it is amazing food like Thai Green Curries and omelettes so you won’t go hungry! Also, with our Student Plan there is even a section for student friendly recipes to make sure you keep within your budgets and don’t overspend on that loan!! The recipes are also really quick and simple to make and the workouts are really easy to do in your dorm – all you need it is a workout mat. Don’t forget that you can grab a massive 25% off Results With Lucy subscriptions with your UNiDAYS discount so if this has inspired you, take the plunge and get fit this new term! blog-perk

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