Holy guacamole! UNiDAYS takes on Chiquito!

On a dreary Monday night in January, the UNiDAYS® team decided to head out to the Mexican-heaven that is Chiquito, feel the heat and sample their delights especially for you guys. We've picked out our top 3 meals, our all-time favourite side and what we reckon is the top cocktail on the menu to recommend to all you nacho-cravers out there. Don't forget that you can save an awesome 25% off the dinner menu at Chiquito with your UNiDAYS® app. Now if that doesn't make you crave Mexican food, what will!? Let's get down to it, first we're diving in with one of the favourites - the Chiquito 'Street Style' Burrito. This is the classic tortilla wrap packed with Texan style cheese sauce, refried beans, lettuce, more cheese and your choice of filling. Our girl Grace went for beef chilli but the choices also include spicy chicken, veggie five bean chilli, BBQ pulled pork or Habanero mushrooms. What a choice. The best bit? You can grab this for just over £8 with your UNiDAYS® app. chiqutos-3 There are loads of great vegetarian options too, Katie from our customer support team went for the epic Halloumi Crunch Burger which is packed full of baked halloumi, fresh salsa, crunchy nachos and chipotle mayo for an added kick. Served in a brioche bun with a choice of skin-on-fries, salad or Mexican rice this is a sure-fire winner if bean burgers aren't your thing! chiqutos-4 For the more sophisticated tastes out there, these Prawn and Chorizo Skewers are great. Juicy tiger prawns paired up with fiery chorizo, mixed peppers and onions are baked to perfection and served with chilli & lime broccoli and a cranberry salsa. These really come out sizzling! We loved the presentation of these on skillets, it was a really nice touch. chiqutos-5 A super popular side with pretty much all the UNiDAYS team were the Sweet Potato Fries. Who can resist these little golden sticks of deliciousness? Not us, that's for sure. chiqutos-1 On the cocktail front, our email babe Becki chose the classic Brazilian Caipirinha which is a twist on the Mojito that we all know and love. Take the sugar and the limes and mix them with Cachaca (similar to white rum), top with tonnes of crushed ice and you've got a mint-free cocktail that's guaranteed to knock your socks off. The perfect accompaniment to spicy Mexican food. chiqutos-2 We do have a tiny apology to make though, we couldn't get as far as dessert! We know, we know, we failed. But by having a scout of the dessert menu we were dying to try the Toffee Popcorn Brownie served with honeycomb ice cream (how good does that sound?) and the famous Mexican sweet treat of Churros - drenched in cinnamon sugar with a pot of chocolate dipping sauce - how can you say no? Now if this post hasn't made you crave all of the cheese, the pulled pork and the sweet potato fries in the world, we don't know what else we can do. Plus we're relying on you guys to let us know what the puds are like at Chiquito's. Holla at us on Twitter or Instagram and show us what awesome dishes you chose! We need some inspiration for what to take on next time we go!

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