Frizz-beating hair heroes!

If this on and off rainy weather is playing havoc with your hair or you struggle with the day to day nightmare of frizzy locks, read on! I've got some seriously hardworking products that can help you tame the frizz beast. First up, Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo & Conditioner are awesome every-day frizz fighting products that are available from Lookfantastic with 10% off! The shampoo eliminates dirt and impurities from the hair whilst being lightweight and nourishing. The conditioner, which has Brazilian pracaxi oil strengthens hair fibres from root to tip whilst controlling frizz and fly-aways. Pretty fancy, huh? Article-size_frizzHC_1 For an extra special, once a week treatment, Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak is perfect if your hair is particularly course or unruly. The Argan oil is super-smoothing and nourishes to create soft, manageable hair. Apply to the ends of dry or course hair prior to washing for as long as you can muster and rinse off and shampoo to follow. Hello, silky hair! Article-size_frizzHC_2 When you're done with the everyday shower essentials, it's time for some styling products. Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil softens, tames, de-frizzes and detangles hair with the added bonus of heat and UV protection! Use on damp hair before styling. Or, another great Bumble & Bumble product is their Prep Detangler is great for getting rid of knots whilst it further enhances how your other styling products work. Plus, if you've already done your hair and it needs a refresh, it's perfect for this too. Article-size_frizzHC_3 Post prep products, you'll need to dry your hair in the best way to control frizz. This means not just blasting it from all angles with the hottest hair-dryer imaginable This means grabbing a great quality hair dryer, such as the ghd Aura Professional Hairdryer and a round brush and blow drying your hair in sections whilst pointing the hair dryer down the shaft of the hair. This creates the smoothest appearance as the hair isn't being blasted around all over the place. Pop onto YouTube for loads of quick tutorials on how to do the perfect blow dry! Finish off with a little shine spray and you'll have the princess-worthy hair you've always wanted. No more Princess Diaries frizz = winner. 81a405a9ff954b1b930560e6c9eb453b GIF c/o Buzzfeed

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