6 ways you (should) practice self care

As a regular (maybe obsessed) twitter user, I often stumble across quotes – quotes which really can have an impact on how you live your day-to- day life. I follow an amazing page which goes by the name of @PoemsPorn where I found the quote by Meredith Marple which instantly caught my attention.

“Self-care isn’t always manicures, bubble baths and eating healthy food. Sometimes it’s forcing yourself to get out of bed, take a shower and participate in life again.” Here are some Self-Care practices you probably didn’t know was Self-Care:

1. Choosing Friends and Partners

Sounds cliché – I know. But did you ever stop and think about the keyword – Choose! If that lifelong ‘friend’ you’ve had does nothing but make you feel like crap – don’t be afraid to let them go and the same goes for relationships. The company you keep really does have an impact on your own life.

2. Managing Your Finances

Make a list of your monthly outgoings, keep track of your finances and plan ahead – think twice before making a purchase. Just because you get paid next week, it doesn’t mean you’re on an automatic quest to spend every last penny in your bank this week.

3. Self-Discipline

Try and stick to your schedule; you believed you could achieve everything on that schedule when you wrote it down – so what has changed now? Whether it’s a study timetable or clean eating or exercise – you’ve got this! Also learn how to say ‘no’ – Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first.

4. Me-Time

Take time out to focus on yourself – this will prepare you for your next move. Whether it’s ditching a night out once a while to stay home and recharge or waking up an hour earlier than usual to evaluate what needs to be done today; both will have a tremendous impact on what you get done on that day.

5. Quality Time with Quality People

Sometimes it’s so hard to balance the studying, working and catching up with friends – but our family always understand and never expect you to put them first. I find spending time with family (and friends who know you best) can be very refreshing as you don’t have to pretend anymore – they understand and won’t judge you the real you.

6. Sleep

I can’t stress how important sleep is – a lot of us prioritise studying over sleeping, but personally I cannot read a single sentence if I am over-tired. Lack of sleep will no doubt have a negative effect on exam performance, so even though easier said than done – manage your study time around your full night sleep not during, with Step 3 it is more than achievable.

The truth is self-care shouldn’t at all be limited to pampering, luxurious face masks and cleansers – but because it generally is – many of us aren’t giving ourselves enough credit for how we look after ourselves every single day; take a minute to sit down and look at how far you’ve come, be proud of yourself and already you’re mastering the act of Self-Care.

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