6 songs you can’t miss live at Slam Dunk Festival

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

(Monster Energy Stage)

If you’re looking for an anthem, look no further. The Middle is probably one of the most well known of Jimmy’s back catalogue, and for good reason. Miss this one and it's your loss!

Suzanne - Creeper

(Jagermeister Stage)

This song is a straight-up singalong banger. There is nothing better than screaming I WANNA DIE HOLDING HANDS at the top of your lungs with your mates and a lukewarm beer.

Stranger - Can’t Swim

(Signature Brew Stage)

After seeing Stranger played live, you’ll have that chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the summer guaranteed. Beyond catchy and if you’re looking for a good mosh, that’s where you want to be (I’m gonna cheat a little and say that ‘Your Clothes’ is also an absolute banger you cannot miss.

My Temperature’s Rising - The Audition

(Monster Energy Stage)

This song off of ‘Self-Titled Album’ really takes me back to being in secondary school and no song more so than My Temperature’s Rising. This is one that we will be singing our hearts out to.

Dirt - Astroid Boys

(Impericon Stage)

If you didn't think hardcore and grime could be fused together, think again because Astroid boys do it perfectly. Definitely one to see if you’re a fan of both genres.

Devil Inside Me - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

(Jagermeister Stage)

The second TRS start to play the opening riff, the crowd knows whats up. easily the rowdiest song of the set, this is the full FC&TRS experience.

Tickets are available for all three dates of the festival are available here, but not for long so be quick!

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