5 ways to look after your mind during the second lockdown

As we head into another lockdown it's natural that all the anxiety we felt back in the Spring is creeping back into our lives. However, it's really important that we look after our minds during this period. Here are some tips to help you look after your mental health during these strange times.

1. Keep in contact with people

It may seem obvious now we are all zoom experts, but it is even more important as we head into the Winter months that we maintain our connections with the people we care about. It might help to arrange a daily or weekly time to catch up. If you’re worried about having enough to talk about, you could arrange to both watch a tv show or read the same book to discuss on your next call.

2. Try to keep active

Making exercise part of your routine will give you those much needed endorphins! Whether it's doing a home workout from YouTube, going for a daily walk or just having a quick stretch away from your desk in between online lectures, it can transform your whole mood.

Check out this short workout below:

3. Limit news and social media time

Fear and anxiety are often fuelled by repeated checking on news about the situation, and this time around there's even more noise on social media about other things like the US election alongside everything COVID related. Taking a break from the constant news cycle and checking your social media can really help you to feel more relaxed and switch off for a brief moment.

4. Create a routine that works for you

During uncertain times the mind craves a sense of predictability. Sticking to a routine that incorporates ample time to sleep, meals to look forward to, exercise and time for work creates balance and helps to relieve stress. It also ensures you are looking after all the basics like food and sleep, which have a massive impact on your mental health.

5. Learn from last lockdown

When we were in the last lockdown did journaling really help you? Or was it going for a daily run? Maybe it was a weekly call with mates that lifted your spirits? Whatever it was, try to find the things that create moments of joy. On the flip side, did you feel really lethargic after binge-watching a TV series in one day? Make sure you don't get into bad habits that will have a negative impact on your mental health.

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