4 ways to celebrate the end of term

With essay deadlines passing you by and the exam notes edging their way to the bin, it's time to look forward. That’s right - it's time to celebrate the end of term! Here are four ideas of how to best spend your new found freedom…

1. Have a TV or movie marathon

For this all you need is; yourself, your comfiest PJs, some junk food and a laptop or TV. The first rule here is not to set an alarm. Once you’ve caught up on some much-needed sleep, time to catch up on some drama. Still, don’t know who did it on Broadchurch? Missing out on the drama of MIC? Set your laptop to play and cuddle up, this is going to be a long ride. This works as a solo celebration as well as a chill session with your housemates.

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2. Take a day trip!

Did you know you can get an off-peak return ticket from London to Brighton for £12? And Manchester to Blackpool coach tickets are £8.90 for a return! If you still have work commitments a day trip is a great way to take a short break from any stress. It’s fun, super cheap and will make a great memory for the future. Top tip: You can get 25% off National Express by grabbing a UNiDAYS code!

3. BBQ your night away

A personal favourite of mine, mainly because of the food. Too lazy for a day trip but don’t want to be a couch potato? May I present option 3: a BBQ! All you need is some good company and some great food. If you don’t have a BBQ then you can grab a disposable one from your local supermarket. Set the speakers to loud and enjoy not being stuck indoors studying. Check out our top BBQ recipes too - it is BBQ month after all! This option is all about food and friends. Name me a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

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4. Enjoy a night out

Now they always say if in doubt stick to a classic. For students, this means a night out. Remember that group chat you muted after someone asked what a bibliography was? Well, click un-mute and send a message saying you feel like celebrating the end of exams. Head out for a meal or get ready to dance the night away!

Having trouble deciding how best to celebrate? Why not go for all four over the course of a week? You deserve it after all.

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