Ugly Christmas sweaters you should buy etc etc etc

Hello boys & girls and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and you know what that means? It means it's time to dust off that ugly holiday sweater of yours and sleigh the party circuit.

If you're anything like me and your favorite holiday movie is Home Alone, you can finally embrace your inner gangster with this gem from Boohoo. If what you're after is an ugly Christmas sweater that is actually "cute" try this Rudolph sweater found at ModCloth.

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You're cheeky and that's what we love about you. There isn't a "coal" emoji, so I think it's safe to say that this sweater will deliver the message for you that those you love were def on the naughty list this year. It also highlights the fact that you're poor, which is important for any of your rich friends and relatives to recognize. It's just really funny and perfect and you can and should buy it from Missguided.

Ask anyone here at UNiDAYS HQ if I'm a morning person and you're guaranteed to get laughed at. December 25th, though? Is 4am too early to wake everyone up to start opening gifts? I don't think so. Wear this winning sweater from Urban Outfitters on Christmas morning and accessorize with a giant pot of coffee that you've prepared for the fam.

Is your heart 10 sizes too small around the holidays? Sounds like you need this Grinch sweater from Urban Outfitters. If you're the #MemeKing in your group, why not show one of the originals some love? Grab this Kermit "Minding my own business" sweater from Ript Apparel.

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Want to show the people how much you love Szechuan sauce and want to get the whole room screaming "I'M PICKLE RICK"?! Rick and Morty are the perfect duo to accompany you on this adventure. Can't forget our Jewish friends this challah-day! Proudly sport this sweater featuring Adam Sandler. You can sing "The Hanukkah Song" and remind people why 8 crazy nights are better than 1! Ript Apparel has the best ugly Christmas sweaters out there and they make them for girls, too!!!

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