The official last-minute Mother's Day gift guide

Attention: May 12th is Rami Malek's Birthday!

To celebrate, why don’t you get your mom a gift? She loves him in that movie where he sings!

Oh, and another reason to buy her a gift is because it’s MOTHERS DAY! In case you forgot, grab any of these gifts for mom and she won’t realize they were a last minute gift. Unless she is also reading this blog... in which case, hi Mom!

1. Flowers

You can't go wrong with flowers! 1800 Flowers has gorgeous bouquets that your mom will think you handpicked for her!

2. Slippers

On Mother's Day mom should get to just lounge in her pajamas all day. Encourage her to do this by getting her a pair of slippers (hey, UGG) to complete the pajama look.

3. Jewelry

If you need something last minute jewelry is a great option. H&M has a great selection that will have your mom crying about how thoughtful you are! An image img source

4. Face masks

Face masks are fun for everyone, all ages. Pick out some fun ones from Aerie and have you both wear them while you hang out on the couch celebrating her! An image img source

5. Makeup

Do you love when people ask if you and your mom are sisters? Yeah, me either! Help her look like a hot young thing anyway with some gorgeous ColourPop makeup!

No matter what you get your Mom, she will love it because it’s from you….probably!

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