The best 2019 hairstyle for your face shape

Say goodbye to bad haircuts

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve experienced a bad haircut at some point in your life. It’s something that we all go through.

So how do you determine the best cut for you? It all has to do with your face shape. If you don’t know yours, don’t worry. I’ll help you out.

First, go sit in front of the mirror with a dry erase marker… if you don’t have that, lipstick works too. Now, pull your hair back. Then, trace the outline of your face.

2019 is all about bobs and texture! Let’s see what’s in store for you!


This is the face shape we all strive to be. If you have an oval face shape you can pretty much get away with any hairstyle.

Hairstyle: blunt bob, middle part or both!

An image Img source


This is when the cheekbones and jawline are the same width.

Hairstyle: lob, with soft layers. You’re looking to help soften the sharp edges of the face.

An image Img source


There are no defining points to this shape

Hairstyle: textured lob. Definitely try to stay with something short so your face doesn’t look tinier or rounder than it is. Also add in a deep side part, to add some asymmetry and play an illusion and make your face appear less round.

An image Img source

Heart (inverted triangle):

This shape tends to get the name from the hairline representing a heart type shape. Your face will also start to get thinner as you approach the chin. An image Img source

Hairstyle: something with a deep side part to break up the width of the forehead.

Long: Similar to oval but extended.

Hairstyle: Keep your hair on the longer side, long layers, and waves.

An image Img source

Diamond: Cheekbones are the widest point

Hairstyle: textured bob or lob. You can also get away with a middle part.

An image Img source

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