Halloween nail designs you can (probably) do yourself

Nailed it

Real talk, some of us can’t afford a $30 manicure every few weeks, and are forced to do our nails ourselves. When there’s a holiday, we all have that one friend with a pristine, festive, fresh manicure while our own nails look like a toddler did them.

But fear not: I’m here to show you some nail art designs for Halloween that you can probably ACTUALLY do yourself.

Orange you glad this isn’t hard to do?

These nails don’t scream “halloween” and could be worn well into November, if you can get them to stay! All you need is a thin brush to make the stripe, which you can get at any drugstore. Just don’t sneeze while painting the line on!

Say his name three times...

While you’ve got your thin stripe brush on hand, why not pay homage to Beetlejuice? These could be great with any Halloween costume ranging from Beetlejuice, to a skeleton, to a referee.

The great pumpkin

These glittery pumpkin nails fulfill allllll of our ~basic fall dreams.~ All we need is for this hand to hold a PSL. Grab that stripe brush again and then put a blob on your nail for a pumpkin. Blobs are easy to make, in my opinion.


These may be a LITTLE tricky, but drawing a ghost shape shouldn’t be too hard. After all, ghosts can take whatever shape they want! You can even just paint one ghost, if you choose. Just use a toothpick or paper clip to make the tiny little faces.

In stitches

These would be perfect for someone dressing as a doll like Raggedy Ann, or even just as a general Halloween-ey design. I love the nude base of them, which keeps it sophisticated. And don’t forget how easy french tips can be when you have a piece of tape to keep you painting in the lines!

Webbed fingers

These are also on the trickier side, but shouldn’t be too challenging. You’re just painting a bunch of tiny lines for the spider web! It doesn’t need to look perfect, because spider webs are never truly perfect. Bonus points if you draw a tiny spider!

Jack is back

Why not paint Jack Skellington on your nails?? The stripes will be super easy with your thin brush, and the Jack face can be drawn with a toothpick (or your thin brush, if it’s clean!). Again, you’re just painting lines and blobs!

Bloody brilliant

So spooky. So gross. So great. It would be so easy to give your nails this “I just came from a murder scene and I’m not even going to wash my hands afterwards” look. Just, maybe, don’t wear these to your professor’s office hours.

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