Evernote - The Smartest Notebook Yet

In the UNiDAYS® office we’re quite literally stationery addicts; there’s not much you won’t be able to find scattered around our desks, but when we heard about Moleskine’s Evernote Smart Notebook range even we felt pretty amateur. Now, I know what you’re thinking - it’s just another notebook, right? Wrong! With the Evernote Smart Notebook you can instantly transfer your notes and doodles straight from your notebook to your cell phone or tablet. Hell to the yes! One of the best things about this notebook is how easy it is to use:
  1. Firstly you will need to download the Evernote app, on here you will find the Evernote Page Camera. This is available for the current iOS and Android release.
  2. Using the Evernote Page Camera, snap away!
And that’s it, literally. As soon as you take a photo, it becomes digital. The system uses Smart Stickers; this means that with every page you snap, the Smart Stickers become searchable so you can keep all your work organized and easy to find. Genius! Speaking of the app, with every Evernote Smart Notebook that you buy, you get access to 3 months of Evernote premium, which goes above and beyond to make your content even more accessible. Absolute steal.
As you can see, there are two different styles of Smart Notebook - lined and squared. These also come in pocket size or large. This makes the notebook perfect for everybody no matter what occasion they need it for. This range is super reasonably priced, not forgetting the fact that you can get 15% off using your UNiDAYS® discount! I think that this is the ultimate student buy. Go on, treat yourself. Hero Image Source

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