Eat like a viking: WTF is the Nordic diet?

You've heard about the Mediterranean diet, right? Everyone, even Jamie Oliver, has raved about how healthy these peeps are with their plates filled with fresh fish, olives, vegetables and pulses. Wherever you go in the Med you're presented with these delicacies and told that the people from these places live for some of the longest times! Well, something Scandinavian is about to blow them out of the water. The newest diet trend that all the Healthies are talking about is the Nordic diet!

Recently it was presented that adhering to this Scandinavian diet model rendered people 80% less likely to suffer from serious cognitive decline over 6 years compared to people following a contrasting diet based on refined and highly processed foods. So, when it comes to brain health, the Scandi way seems to be the winner for keeping you ticking over for as long as possible.

Want to know more about it? Here are 7 things you can add to your shopping list to eat like a Swede and be super healthy in the process.

1. Fishy on a dishy

We all know that fish is good for you! Nordic government have even issued food guidelines recommending that people eat less meat and more fish. More excuse-y for sushi.

2. Eat your greens

Word on the street is that Scandi folk have at least two vegetarian meals a week and they love foraging for their own leaves but that might be a bit out of your comfort zone. Make sure you're adding broccoli, kale, spinach and other green veggies like asparagus to your shopping list, they're perfect for bulking out meals like stir fries, salads and even breakfast!

3. Lean meats

Chicken and turkey are great ways to get protein into your diet without upping your fat as well. Try replacing your usual beef mince in a chili or a lasagne with chicken or turkey mince and see what you think! I really enjoy it as the meats take on the flavors really nicely. Plus, it's usually cheaper!

4. An apple a day

Apples and other 'orchard fruits' like peaches and pears are 100% sweet for your Nordic diet. Try cooking some down and adding some agave nectar honey for a home made, refined-sugar free sauce to add onto porridge or yoghurt. Our fave lifestyle blogger Anna from The Anna Edit has a great apple sauce recipe in her three healthy breakfasts video!

5. Pop the kettle on

Tea is a huge thing in Scandinavian countries. Something we have in common. From herbal to classic English breakfast, get brewin'!

6. All the porridge

Well, whole grains. High energy and full of fiber, whole grains such as oats, rye bread, barley and spelled is what we should be filling up on, carbs wise. Make sure your grains are unrefined and you'll be sweet. We'll pass on the refined white bread.

7. All the porridge toppings

Berries, nuts and seeds are all high on the agenda for this menu. There are so many random sounding Scandinavian berries like cloudberries, bilberries, lingonberries (you'll have heard of these babies from IKEA!) and arctic bramble. Your usual blueberry will also nail it because they're high in antioxidants and low in calories and sugar. When it comes to nuts and seeds these are essential for fatty acids and proteins and are thought to be linked to why the obesity levels in Scandinavian countries are half of ours here in the US. Gimme all the protein.

So, there we have it! Get yo' brain gains with some serious Scandi foodspo. This is a totally informative article and we're not suggesting that you have to eat this diet forevs to be super healthy, it's just a trend that we figured would be interesting. Pass us the Oreos, we need some balance.

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