Bonobos: the future fit tour

Take the next step in style

By now you're probably wondering what exactly "the future fit" is. We don't blame you. Fashion moves at a speed people can barely keep up with but one thing that never changes is the fact you need to wear clothes when you go to work. That's where the Bonobos Guideship comes in handy. A sleek Airstream that'll be hitting up college campuses within the next couple months, the Bonobos Guideship will unfold and help educate young professionals as to how they should dress for an interview. An in-shop photobooth will allow for professional headshots to be taken (LinkedIn appropriate because your Facebook profile pic just won't cut it) that are then ready for immediate upload.

Bonobos is all about fit (both how clothes should fit and how you fit in the world). The "Future Fit Tour" is all about making sure you know how to dress for whatever industry you're in. Need a suit? Perhaps just a nice blazer? Maybe a tailored button down? Doesn't matter, they're there to answer your questions and get you fitted up for your future career. After all, the interview doesn't have to be scary... you just need to be prepared. At the end of the experience you'll be given a "LinkedIn" style pamphlet you can refer to long after the Bonobos Guideship has left your campus.

The campuses the tour will stop at are as followed:

  • UVA: 10/23-10/27
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 10/30-11/03
  • University of Texas at Austin: 11/13-11/17

The "Future Fit Tour" not headed to your campus? You can still benefit from Bonobos x UNiDAYS. Just check back on our site for more information. And remember, confidence is key.

Interested in the kinds of fit Bonobos is known for? Here you go:

The tailored fit

The slim fit

The standard fit

The athletic fit

Extended sizes

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