American Eagle outfit inspo for when you actually have to get dressed in the morning

Time to ditch the classic summer outfit (baggy shorts and t-shirts) for some ~real clothes~

Now that you’re back on campus and have to actually SEE people and DO things, it’s time to get back to the world of real pants. But thankfully American Eagle is giving us some major outfit inspo, and the best part is that you can get it all with a discount! Here are some of my faves, in no particular order:

1. Fringe

I love this look- everything from the mom jeans to the fringe suede jacket. This is a perfect daytime outfit for when it’s a little bit chilly out but you want to look cute. Maybe a nice brunch/darty outfit? Whatever you decide to do with it, you’ll easily be the best dressed out there.

2. Mellow yellow

This is the perfect outfit for class because it’s casual, comfy, and cute. Even though you’d probably rather wearing no pants, these jeans are roomy enough to make you feel nice and free during your 2-hour lecture. Tbh, you could even wear this to a casual house party at night. Bring it everywhere!

3. The “I threw this together in 5 minutes” look

If you have a nice solid color tube top, some ripped jeans, and some casual sneakers, you’ll never NOT be ready for whatever the day has planned for you, regardless of whether it’s day or night. This outfit could go to lunch, class, a party, or even a darty. Bonus points for the sweater which can be worn or removed depending on temperature and setting. We all need to have that one go-to outfit in our closet, and this is it.

4. Go-to party outfit, sorted.

I’m OBSESSED with this, and I want every single part of it. I see this outfit more for going out, but you could easily wear it out to lunch with your friends too. Plus, every article of clothing in this outfit is A) cute and B) super versatile. You could put this skirt with ANYTHING, this shirt with any pair of jeans, and these boots with…...everything. And imagine that belt with black jeans and a black tank?? Ughhhhh I love. Just buy all of this and you’ll be set for life.

5. Festival 101

I love me a good vintage tee and suede boot combo, and this outfit is the perfect balance. Literally ANYONE can replicate this outfit and make it cute for any time of the day or night. In the pic it’s being worn at Lollapalooza, so if you have any last music festivals coming up this summer, you know what to do. Plus, the denim jacket is a fabulous addition, if you choose to.

6. Tie-dye for

Honestly I’m going out and buying these jeans and these shoes immediately. This outfit will literally take you from morning until midnight, now until, like, November. A good pair of high-waisted jeans are a vital wardrobe statement, and a pair like this is really all you need. I never thought I’d be someone who can pull off tie-dye until this very moment, and I hope that all of you can be just as inspired as I am.

7. Back to basics

This is the most simple yet cute outfit that probably took no more than a few minutes to throw together, but makes everyone around want to step up their game. This would NOT be uncomfortable to sit through class in, and the addition of the red sunglasses compliments the shirt perfectly and brings this outfit to a whole new level. And, as I said before, I love me a good vintage tee.

8. I woke up like this

Another incredible “I threw this together in 5 minutes and yeah I look good in my 8am class so step it up, everyone else” outfit. These jeans basically feel like sweatpants (but are cuter), and this is basically just a better version of an oversized tee. Plus, your feet will thank you for wearing sneakers around your campus. I wish I had seen this picture while I was in college.

9. Sweats, but cute

Some mornings you honestly just can’t do real jeans, and I’m here to tell you that THAT’S OK. American Eagle has shown me that you can still look good while wearing your sweats. A nice graphic tee can literally make anything look good, and I’m obsessed with this one. It’s essentially the same outfit you were wearing all summer to nap in, but cuter. Never fear an 8am class again.

10. Pants, but not real pants

YOU KNOW THOSE DAYS WHERE YOU’RE BLOATED AND YOU DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO TOUCH YOUR STOMACH, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO LOOK LIKE A PERSON? THESE ARE THE PANTS FOR THAT. These are essentially cute sweatpants, and all you need to do is add a plain tank or t-shirt and some sandals to make a cute outfit that feels exactly the same as your pajamas. Definitely wear this outfit on a day you have to give a presentation in class, or you have to run from class to class all day and need to be comfy. This outfit will save your life.

11. Flower power

Everything. About. This. Outfit. Is. My. Favorite. Seriously, I can’t identify a part of this outfit that I like the best. The top can be worn for a party OR for your internship (same goes for the shoes) and the jeans will look good with WHATEVER you pair them with, and will def become your new go-to pair. This is also another great option for if you have something you need to look nice for (a date, a class presentation, lunch with your parents…) but also want to be comfortable. I’m def buying this for work.

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