6 moisture-boosting winter skin care tips

Clear skin, full heart, can't lose

You might feel like you JUST spent a lot of money on oil-fighting products to help you through the summer months, but now it's time to switch to hydration-boosting products to get that radiant winter glow. To keep skin soft and regain our loss of moisture in winter, it's essential to use products that don't dry out the skin but hydrate, moisturize and smooth instead to provide a flawless base. We, therefore, need to provide our skin with products that counteract the effects of the winter months, to keep skin looking plump and protected. Here are some tips you can either add to your routine or start doing to protect your skin during winter!

1. Moisturize!

If there is just one thing you do, make sure it is moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing protects your skin from any dryness, stiffness, and tightness that the winter weather inflicts on you. Moisturizing makes sure that your skin is hydrated as you tend to lack plumpness during winter, and it will help fight breakouts due to removing the dry patches on your skin. In the mornings, slather the product on you, and repeat at night time to allow the moisture to sink into your dry areas.

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2. Exfoliate twice a week

During winter dead skin cells build up quickly on our skin, and the only way to get rid of them to let your skin breathe is to exfoliate. If you listen to the beauty gurus on YouTube, many will recommend using a creamy exfoliator as they are more gentle on your skin, as your skin needs extra moisture during the colder months. Once you have exfoliated, your skin will glow as you have buffed and removed the pileup of dead skin cells that have caused your skin to look patchy, therefore replenishing the skin.

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3. Choose oil-based products

Oil-based cleansers are a must for the winter months to provide extra moisture. The oil in the cleanser will provide a deep cleanse of your skin and dissolve any make-up, whilst healing any dry patches. Oils really do benefit your skin, and it is something that the skin needs as we do naturally produce it, but the cold weather takes it away. Oil-based bath and body products are also a fab thing to start using in the winter months.

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4. Take care of your lips

Tackle your chapped lips by using scrubs, as not only does your skin need some loving, your lips do to in the cold season. Your lips can easily become chapped due to the change of temperature and to revitalise them make sure to use a scrub to hydrate and exfoliate, leaving you with smooth lips that are perfect for applying lipsticks.

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5. Go lukewarm over hot

It is tempting in the winter to turn the shower straight to full blast, filling up the bathroom with steam within the first two seconds. This can be debated as possibly one of the best feelings and the fastest way to warm up after being out in the cold, however, it is also damaging your skin. Essentially the hot water takes away your skin's barrier of defense against dryness. Try washing in lukewarm water to avoid stripping away your natural oils, and then, of course, moisturize as soon as you get out!

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6. Hydrate!

Start by hydrating from the inside out to make sure impurities are removed from your body. By drinking more, this helps to not only have clearer skin but helps your body to function properly. Additionally, if you want more than what your moisturizer is offering, a hydrating mask will feed your dry skin with some TLC. These masks can boost your glow providing an intense treatment to relieve your skin, leaving you with long lasting results. Try a hydrating sheet mask for a really easy way to add hydration into your routine!

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If you start to introduce these tips into your morning and evening routines, you'll definitely start noticing a difference. The change of weather really does impact your skin, and the only way to give your skin some love is if you choose to use the right products in correlation to the season. So the first steps would be searching for that perfect moisturizer to get that dewy skin look in winter, without going on vacation!

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