6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

In need of some Halloween outfit inspiration? We're here with 6 super-easy ideas that you can create either from your own closet or from a trip to the dollar store! You're welcome.

1. Regina George

This one's kind of restricted to girls only but whatever floats your boats, guys! Grab yourself two cheap tank tops and some scissors and you've got an outfit made to make every girl go "I wish I thought of that!". Helpful if you've got blonde hair and a killer resting bitch face. ‌

2. Barbie In A Box

Effort points on this one are high but still, this is a seriously easy DIY. All you need is a big box, some pink paint and a pink outfit! ‌

‌ 3. Darla

The most underrated Finding Nemo character, IMO. School girl skirt? Check. Graphic Tee? Check. Plastic bag with fish in it? Check! Plus, grab two drinking straws and attach them together with some tape then stick them to a headband and you've got the easiest head-brace ever. Article-size_DIYcostumes_1

4. Minions

This is such a simple idea! All you need is a simple yellow tee and a denim pinafore or some shorts. Glasses or goggles can be easily made or picked up for super-cheap from your favorite dollar store. Not Halloween enough for you? Jusr make them dead Minions! ‌

5. Killer Kitty

A cat is a Halloween classic, just vamp it up with some mean contact lenses and a lot of fake blood like our girl Katie. ‌

6. Miley Cyrus

A great one for blondes! Miley Cyrus is another 'shop-your-closet' outfit. A grey or white vest, some shorts and  red lipstick is really all you need. Pop your hair into too mini buns, add a whole load of bronzer and even go for the long white nails if you're feeling it. ‌ Article-size_DIYcostumes_2 There we have it! 6 super easy DIY Halloween costumes that you can whip up in minutes.

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