10 Super Bowl party do's and don'ts

1. Do your homework

There’s no need to study up on the entire season or memorize the roster, but you should at least know which teams are playing, the names of a few key players, and have a limited knowledge of how the game works. Seriously, don’t bother the diehard fans with dumb questions during tense parts of the game. Save that stuff for pre-season. Pro-tip: If you’re super clueless but want to appear to be in-the-know, call your Dad or ask your football loving friend if they can teach you some cool phrases to say during the game; works like a charm.

Football Source

2. Don’t paint your face

If you’re at the game, it’s one thing. If you’re at home or at a friends house, it’s messy and will end up getting all over the couch. Be a fan, not a fanatic.

DontPaintYourFace Source

3. Do wear a team jersey

But it has to be the jersey of one of the teams playing. You’ll look like a poor sport if you wear the jersey of a team that didn’t make the big game, and no one likes a poor sport. Also, don’t drop $100 on a jersey just for the party. It looks thirsty. You can always use your student discount and pick up something NFL sporty from Under Armour.

Jersey Source

4. Don't save your seat

Beer and the bathroom go hand in hand, but don't expect that seat right in front of the TV to be free when you return — i.e., don't get into a fistfight with your buddy who 'stole' your seat. Pro tip: If you volunteer to go on a beer run and come back with three cases, then you deserve to get your prime spot back. No questions asked.

SeatSaved Source

5. Don’t make stupid comments during commercials

Fact: Some people are there just for the commercials and halftime show. We, as a nation, have an understanding that the commercials “just haven’t been the same” in recent years, but we really don’t need you to remind us of this every commercial break. Give up those great seats in front of the TV for commercial lovers, it’s just common courtesy.

Commercials Source

6. Do eat buffalo wings

This is probably the most important DO on this list. The Super Bowl is all about putting your diet aside for the night and indulging on the uber cheesy and meaty. We’ve been really good all of January and we deserve this. We are firm believers that the only green thing that should be served at a Super Bowl party is guac. Go HAM on the wings, bro.

BuffaloOrAngelWings Source

7. Don’t touch the Remote

Unless you’re the host.

DontTouchRemote Source

8. Don’t get so drunk you forget the game

Do accompany those buffalo wings with a few brewskis (if you’re of age!) but don’t black out. This is the rookiest mistake of all. Take it easy! Pro-tip: Don’t drink or serve tequila-- just take our word for it.

TooDrunk Source

9. Don’t hate the game

You might just be there for Justin Timberlake and chicken wings, but this is football people’s Academy Awards. Let them have their night! Try and follow along the best that you can and hold out for those commercials.

GoSports Source

10. Do cheer

There’s nothing quite like watching the game with your friends and bonding over sick plays, epic high fives and some good old-fashioned booing. Casual chitchat is perfectly acceptable, though preferable if it’s about the game. Try to avoid announcing everything or getting too intense about how poorly the coach is doing. Like we said earlier: Be a FAN not a FANATIC.

Cheer Source

Bonus 11. Do watch Justin Timberlake slay

He’s bound to put on an amazing show!

An image Source

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