10 reasons why your excuse not to vote is invalid

I don’t have time

The midterms are almost here, and if you’re a citizen of the United States who is 18 or older, you’ve gotta vote. There are a lot of excuses you could give not to vote...but, odds are, those excuses are invalid.

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We’ve broken down some common excuses for not voting and explained why they aren’t gonna work. You’re welcome!!!

1. I don’t have time

Voting takes, like, a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of everyday activities that take longer than voting. You could vote at least twice in the time it takes you to watch one episode of The Office. And, better yet, you only have to vote ONCE. An image Gif source

2. I don’t know enough

Um...it’s called Google, ever heard of it? There are some incredible resources out there to help you figure out who to vote for. For example, The Skimm has a quick and easy Ballot Cheat Sheet that you can PRINT OUT AND BRING INTO THE POLL WITH YOU. It tells you everything that’ll be on your ballot based on where you live, and will help you decide who and what to vote for. If you want to take a quiz to determine who you side with, isidewith.com has that too! Doing the research will take you less time than stalking your ex on social media to find out who they’re hooking up with now, I promise. An image Gif source

3. My vote doesn’t matter

Here’s a quick video of Dr. Alex Karev (@ Grey’s Anatomy fans) explaining why that’s a dumb excuse. My favorite part is, “if you don’t vote...then that kid from middle school who ate glue and sniffed dry erase markers...his vote counts twice as much as yours.” Seriously, do we want the glue-sniffers of the world deciding this election for us simply because we don’t think our votes matter?! If you still don’t believe me that every vote matters, here’s a list of times where U.S. elections were literally decided by down to ONE vote. Don’t let that one vote be a glue-sniffer! An image Gif source

4. With voter fraud and voter suppression, it’s not worth it

Imagine if J.K. Rowling had been like, “plagiarism is a thing that occasionally happens so why would anyone ever write books? Screw this.” Then we wouldn’t have Harry Potter! Voter suppression is not as common as we think, and there are resources like the ACLU making sure people don’t get away with it. As for voter fraud...putting your vote in would just cancel out a fraud vote that was cast against your beliefs. So, really, all we can do is show up to vote. An image Gif source

5. I like the way things are going right now, and don’t want to see a change.

Ok but things can change, duh. If you don’t vote, two people who disagree with your views will. And I know how it feels to be stuck in your own bubble and see everyone around you agreeing with your beliefs, but trust me when I say that your view of this country is NOT representative of the whole thing. Neither side is the overwhelming majority right now, which is why it’s going to be such a close call, and why every vote really does matter. An image Gif source

6. Everything’s broken beyond repair at this point.

IS THAT WHAT ARIANA SAID AFTER HER ENGAGEMENT TO PETE FELL THROUGH??? NO. SHE PUT UP HER HAIR, PUT ON SOME LIPSTICK, AND CREATED THANK U, NEXT. And the world is better now for it. And considering how close this election is, your vote will be a big hit (like thank u, next), and the world will be better for it. An image Gif source

7. I don’t have transportation to the polling station.

Sorry, this isn’t gonna work either. Lyft is offering discounted (or even FREE) rides to the polls, and Uber is offering $10 off a single ride to the polls. Take a car with your friends, split the price, AND get a discount. You’ll basically pay next to nothing for a really really important cause. An image Gif source

8. I forgot to register

Thank u, next. Lots of states allow you to register on the day of the election (here’s where you can find out if your state does). If they try to tell you you can’t vote or you aren’t registered, here’s what you should say: “I request a provisional ballot as required by law.” Seriously, it’s a thing. An image Gif source

9. There aren’t any good options

Yeah but even if your favorite flavor of ice cream isn’t at the ice cream machine in the dining hall, I bet you get your second favorite flavor anyway, rather than walking away with no ice cream at all. Think of it that way. Sometimes change isn’t linear, and that’s ok; it’s all about taking a few steps at a time. If you don’t vote for the option you dislike the least, lots of people will vote for the option you dislike the most. Just remember that. Any vote you don’t cast is a vote that you’re handing to the alternate option. An image Gif source

10. I don’t care about the future of this nation.

Just….stop. An image Gif source

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