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Halloween Inspo
Who needs a big party to look this good?
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Calling all students! Christmas presents sorted $$$
It's time to get festive! Complete our survey to help uncover the ultimate Lovehoney 2020 wishlist.
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6 Ways to Rock Wet Look Lingerie
After all, isn't it your time to shine?
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This week on the Podcast!
How to be more dominant in the bedroom
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Are you dressing up for Halloween?
  • I have my fake blood at the ready!
  • I'll just rock some cat ears
  • No, this year I am dressing as me!
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4 Reasons to Try A New Sex Toy
I - Want - More - Orgasms
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Our Most Common Sexual Fantasies
All your fantasies will be fulfilled in this weeks Podcast episode!
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Don't leave all the fun for the ladies
Read how men can use vibrators and experience that rumbly goodness
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Podcast episode just dropped!
Your favourite Friday listening - today we hear from Dr Fleming
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The Sexual Happiness Podcast is back!
New episodes every Friday - Bryony's episode is now live!
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Virtual Camp Lovehoney - Join our exclusive sexual happiness and wellbeing event
Featuring a wide range of leading experts and sex-positive ambassadors - click through to sign up!
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Would you bring up bondage with your partner?
  • Definitely!
  • I'm not sure how to approach it
  • No way!
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Kick-start your clitoral education
What You Never Learned About the Clitoris in Sex Ed
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This week's mission: try a new position
Want more action for those cheeks? Get fresh with our position of the week
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Butt Plugs 101
The Ins (and Outs) of Anal Toys - What's behind door number 2?
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What's on your sexy self-care wishlist?
  • More lube
  • New lingerie
  • Exciting sex toys
  • Bondage
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How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator
You could start by using our all-singing, all-dancing, all-thrusting Vibrator Finder.
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Pick your favourite style!
  • Hot Romance 🔥
  • Passion Flower 🌸
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New Season just got sexier...
See the latest additions to our New Season Lingerie!
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Become a foreplay expert!
Here are 5 foreplay tips you may not have tried
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Get 20% off everything in our Afterpay Day Sale!
Hurry, ends midnight 21st August!
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What are you most tempted to try in the bedroom?
  • Anal Play
  • Pegging
  • Role Play
  • Bondage
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Why You Should Be Proud of Owning a Male Sex Toy
On your own or with a partner, male toys are great for helping you discover bigger & better orgasms
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Adventure is out there!
See the best toys to send you on your way to sexual exploration
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Did someone say new sex toys?
Experience out of this world pleasure with our new in sex toys!
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8 of the Best Anal Foreplay Tips
Much more than just some sexual appetiser that you quickly wolf down before the main course.
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Try something new!
Revamp your sex life with and embrace a world of all-new sensations at Lovehoney.
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How to Make Your Orgasms Stronger
3 Ways to Get Your Best Orgasm Yet
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10 reasons why foreplay is the key to a fulfilling sex life
Preheat the oven properly with our foreplay fact check.
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Aged 18-24? Bag yourself some cash!
Take our short survey for a cheeky $200 Lovehoney voucher
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What are you wearing to sleep lately?
  • Something slinky 😋
  • Cosy PJs 💛
  • Nothing 😉
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Beginner's Bedroom Bondage Techniques
Whatever you want to try, bondage is a sure-fire way to broaden your sexual horizons
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What type of sex toy do you want to learn more about?
  • Vibrators
  • Butt Plugs
  • Dildos
  • Cock Rings
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There are 12 Female Orgasms
Read how to have them all! For a dozen ways to deluxe your downtime.
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Pastel paradise - New lines dropped!
Sweet-yet-sultry seduction is yours in Lovehoney Lingerie’s latest collections.
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These are the toys that helped to unlock your sexual happiness
Deciding on a new bedroom plaything can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. Learn more below.
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How often do you use sex toys during sex?
  • Always
  • Most of the time
  • Sometimes
  • Never
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What's the most important thing to achieve sexual happiness?
  • Communication
  • Experimentation
  • Confidence
  • Orgasm
  • Foreplay
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How important is orgasm to your sexual happiness?
  • The be all and end all
  • Very
  • Somewhat
  • Who cares?