Top 5 tips for finding an internship

For those in their final year of uni the end is in sight and for those not even starting the transition from college to career, life may seems miles away but it is never too early to start gaining experience in your sector by interning and getting yourself a work placement. This is invaluable when hundreds of recent graduates are all competing for the same jobs! If your CV stands out with a whole load of relevant experience on it you'll appear to be the better candidate by a mile. 

1. Start early

Start looking up application deadlines early and make note of any you would like to apply for and start working on your application. [blockquote quote="Fail to prepare, prepare to fail." name="Benjamin Franklin"]

2. Network

Attend events related to your sector such as meet-ups and careers fairs and speak to any guest speakers that may be on campus that could know of any openings. Networking is a huge part of any career today and you never know who might offer you some invaluable advice or whom you could meet at a careers fair. Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice about the sector and their experience where they are working.

3. Application

This is a really crucial point. Employers receive so many applications so you need to make your application stand out but for the right reasons. Many people forget to proof-read their application leaving behind spelling and grammar errors. First impressions last so submitting an application with errors will set you off to a bad start immediately. Most colleges and universities have a career centre that can help you with your applications if you need it -  utilise this service!

4. Don’t wait

If there is a company you would absolutely love to work in there is no harm in contacting them for advice or expressing your interest. There are so many jobs out there that haven’t been advertised so if you email for advice or explain that you are looking for an internship and why this company is your dream place to work most companies will be more than happy to put you in contact with someone or offer some helpful advice. This is what happened in my case, I met someone for advice in the sector and lone behold I left with an internship and six months down the line I am still here and absolutely loving it.

5. Online

Everyone is online, both professionally and personally. Having a strong LinkedIn profile will allow you to network in the industry. I would recommend explaining on LinkedIn that you are seeking an internship. Employers search LinkedIn a lot so make sure it is kept strictly professional.

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