There's more to Peru than Machu Picchu

Home to one of the world’s most iconic archaeological sites, Machu Picchu has long since been drawing over a million visitors every year to Peru. One of the new seven wonders of the world, this Inca ruins carved into the rocky jungle near Cusco is one of the most visited attractions in the whole of South America.

But, there’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu.

Learn to surf

Known worldwide amongst the surfing community, Huanchaco on the coast of Peru has some of the best breaks in the business. The once small fishing village has managed to maintain a slow pace of life and boasts some of the best ceviche you’ll ever taste in your life.

Further north, is Mancora, another popular surfing destinations blessed with long, sandy, sun-drenched beaches. Other popular activities here are sunset horseback riding and visits to the nearby mud baths and hot springs.

See the wildlife

A short boat trip off the coast of Peru is the Isla Ballestas, affectionately referred to as ‘The Poor Man’s Galapagos’. It’s no secret that a trip to neighbouring Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands doesn’t come cheap, but this wildlife paradise can be visited at a snip of the cost.

And what’s more, it contains many of the same animals. You’ll find seals, sea lions, penguins and even the famed blue-footed boobies here. You’re going to set eyes on more birds than you’ve ever seen in your life, so don’t forget a hat to protect you from the poop.

Get your hike on

Aside from the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, there are lots of other hikes with just as impressive scenery and ancient ruins. The Colca Canyon is one of the world’s deepest hikes, with paths passing through otherworldly landscapes whilst the Andean Condor soars overhead.

Santa Cruz trek is a four-day trek over high mountain peaks, lush valleys and crystal clear glacier lakes. If you’re looking for more of a challenging adventure, try out the Laguna de los Condores arduous jungle hike. And then there’s rainbow mountain.

The other Machu Picchu

Still not convinced there’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu? Well, how about checking out Machu Picchu’s sacred sister, Choquequirao. Set high in the Vilcabamba range, the only way to currently get to these impressive Inca ruins is via a two-day hike.

Built only around 50 years later, Choquequirao is structurally similar to its sibling and is shrouded in just as much awe and enchantment as the fabled Machu Picchu. Rediscovered far later, much of the site remains un-excavated and it is believed to be three times bigger.

Are you planning your trip to Peru?

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