How to help the homeless in this cold weather

For most of us, snow either means lovely Instagram pics or mild inconvenience using roads and trains. However, as Storm Emma rages on this week, if you don’t have a place to sleep it could be deadly.

Sometimes, it can feel like you don’t know what to do when you see someone homeless that you want to help so here are a few ways you can help in this cold weather:

Use Streetlink

This organisation goes on patrols and offers help to people sleeping rough, based on reports given to them by members of the public. Through their website, app or 24-hour hotline (0300 500 0914) you can give details about where you’ve seen someone in need and they’ll be able to contact them and offer a warm bed. Streetlink work in England and Wales.

Give a warm beverage

Giving a warm beverage can go a long way in this cold weather. Most people living on the street would appreciate this and also whilst doing that why not stop for a chat? If they don’t want to engage in conversation, that’s fine, but if they do sometimes connecting with them will help with morale.

Long-term help

This is the best way to help. The only real way to ensure this situation stops happening each and every winter is to give throughout the year. There are lots of charities and organisations that deal with issues surrounding homelessness such as mental health and poverty, as well as those that offer immediate help.

Who you support is based on what you feel strongly about but here are some good places to start:


St Mungos



Hero source

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