How to combat first day nerves

It's finally September which means loads of you will be getting ready to embark on the adventure of uni. Freshers is just around the corner which brings a huge variety of emotions. You'll be happy, nervous, excited and also extremely daunting but do not worry. All of these feelings are totally natural and everyone else will feel them at some point in the upcoming weeks.

1. Be prepared

My first tip to try and deal with these nerves is to prepare. This means know when and where you can pick up your key for halls. Know when your induction lectures are and any preliminary classes. But also have a look for people on Facebook! Join your halls chats and your course chats and don’t be afraid to say hi. Having some familiar faces when you get to uni will help you so much.

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2. Personalise your space

Secondly, make your room feel like your room. Take some photos of your family and friends from home; buy a rug and some fairy lights. Customise your room, it is your home for the next year. Feeling comfortable in your new room will make it much less daunting when your parents leave you to it. Check out this post for 5 ways to take your uni room from drab to fab!

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3. Be nice

Next tip is be friendly. Say hi to people whether that’s in the kitchen, the launderette or just around your halls. You never know who will become your new BFF and it’s great to have a large circle of friends. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s really important to remember that every single person is in the same situation.

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4. Join societies

I got involved in a few societies last year and it was great. You meet such a range of people from different years and different courses and this just broadens your horizons even more. Societies meet regularly for socials both involving alcohol and not so there is a society and a social for everyone. Whatever you do in Freshers Week, make sure you go to the Freshers Fair and sign up to whatever takes your fancy!

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