Foods to get you through Freshers

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Freshers is one of the busiest, most fun, emotionally overwhelming and hectic periods of uni life. There’s only one way to get you through it- THROUGH THE POWER OF FOOD. Our mates over at Deliveroo have got you covered every step of the way and we’ve broken down the perfect meal for each freshers feel.

To help you through a hangover

If you’re the kinda fresher that is out every night at different club nights, chances are you’ll have your fair share of hangovers. The key to getting over your hangover is to eat something big and juicy, and there’s nothing that fits this profile better than a burger. Get a jam-packed burger from everyone’s go-to burger joint GBK, and treat yourself to a milkshake whilst your at it. Or look up your local burger joint for a burger like the one below, which will have you salivating.

Brain food

Despite what we’ve all been led to believe, uni isn’t all partying and watching netflix in bed all day. Some studying actually has to go on, believe it or not. And when you decide it’s time to sit down and get on with some assignments, you’ll need some brain food to power you through it. There’s no better brain food than sushi as the omega3 fatty acids nourish and repair brain cells. There’s so many options to choose from on Deliveroo from itsu and wagamamas to your local sushi counter down the road.

Treat yo’self to a night in

After spending all day in the library getting work done, the least you can do is treat yourself to a night in slobbing around. The perfect companion to a night in with yours truly is, of course, a whole damn pizza. The options for getting the right pizza for you are endless on Deliveroo. You’ve got Pizza Express, Zizzi, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and so many local pizzerias, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

Movie night

Nothing brings new flatmates together like a movie night. So, you’ve gathered your new uni squad, but everyone knows that the thing that makes a movie night is the snacks. Are you a nachos crew? Why not hit up Chipotle. Ice cream? Try Creams. Or do you fancy doughnuts? Order from Krispy Kremes or one of the many dessert places listed to get your hands on treats like these cronuts:

Pre-night out meal

The meal before you head out on a BNO is just as important as the post night-out food. It keeps you going through the night and ensures you don’t end up feeling “unwell” after one too many jager bombs. Pasta is always the number one option for this meal because of its carby yumminess. Carluccios and Piccolino are both good options, or search your postcode for hidden gems!

When you miss home

No matter how well you’re surviving freshers there will come a time when all you’re craving is something that reminds you of home. Is it fish and chips you have a hankering for? Then you can filter by just that. Or is it pie and mash? Because you can filter by British to find those classic meals.

Health kick

For a lot of us, freshers is the first time we’re cooking for ourselves, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating junk food and microwave meals for days on end. Sometimes the mood will strike when you just want something green and leafy to put into your body. The healthy filter on Deliveroo will help you choose something packed with colour and goodness like this dragon fruit pitaya bowl:

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