Biggest beauty trends for 2016

With a new year comes new everything else. New diet crazes and new fashion fads and new beauty trends - all of which you obviously have to try before giving your verdict! And these 8 beauty crazes are set to be big for 2016 (especially through summer) - which do you think are hot and which do you think are not?

1. Feeling blue

Whether you're brave enough to go with a bright blue eyeshadow or just a subtle navy eyeliner, either way you should definitely give it a go! And the Spectrum palette by Urban Decay has the perfect shades for your new blue ambition!

2. Statement lip

Forget the nudes of 2015, this year it's all about making a statement! A deep vampy purple or a candy apple red or a bright barbie pink - Urban Decay has the shade to nail this trend!

3. Twisted hair

Plaits were to 2015 as a twisted pony will be to 2016 - big! This will make a great style for festivals and holidays so get practicing it now to be perfected by summer.

4. French tips

You may think that this is a tale as old as time but this year it's getting sassed up! Forget a plain white tipped french manicure, it's time to mix it up with different colours, pointed tips and a variety of shapes - the possibilities are endless!

5. 'Ronze' hair

First we had 'bronde' (halfway between blonde and brown) and now we introduce you to 'ronze' (halfway between bronze and red) which is just such a beautiful colour and a great low maintenance way to add warmth to your hair.

6. Pink eyes

If you're more of a girly girl and aren't interested in trying the blue eyeshadow then maybe you'd be more up for giving this pink trend a go. When it comes to eyeshadow, anything pink or peach is set to be massive this Spring!

7. Brushed up brows

We're so over the perfectly-drawn-on-and-blended-in-the-centre eyebrows - this year prepare to go au naturel with celebs such as Emily Ratajkowski leading the way in the perfectly-brushed-up-and-lightly-filled-in brows.

8. Strobing and stripping

It's time to step away from that dark contour palette and instead let the highlighting do the talking for you. You could either try strobing (highlighting the tops of your cheek bones and your temples and your brow bones and your nose) or the new approach called 'stripping' which is highlighting straight across your face; over the bridge of your nose and along your cheek bones.

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