9 reasons why Ed Sheeran is the nicest guy ever

With the announcement of his headline UK tour and a new album, we’ve fallen in love with Ed Sheeran all over again. After his year-long social media break to go travelling, he’s definitely come back with a bang! He made his return to the world of social media by posting a cryptic message to his followers of a plain blue background, only later would we realise that this would be the background for his new long-awaited album.

Ed Sheeran is no doubt one of the biggest pop stars in the world, writing winning hits for himself and a variety of other artists. From our faves One Direction to pop princess Taylor Swift, you might not be aware that he has also worked with Jessie Ware, Wretch 32, Olly Murs and Justin Bieber.

Sharing his excellent songwriting skills with others is just one reason why we love him (because sharing is caring, right?) so here are a few more:

1. Dreamy live performances

With just a guitar and an effects pedal, some might wonder how Ed Sheeran can entertain a crowd of 90,000 for up to two hours. But of course he manages to put on an epic show time after time whilst delivering his heartfelt lyrics to thousands of fans. With no fancy dancers or strobe lighting as distractions, Ed Sheeran allows his voice to be completely in the spotlight.

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2. Lyrics that could melt a heart made of stone

Ed Sheeran's lyrics are all focussed around one thing: love. Making his lyrics easily relatable, his songs capture the hope, euphoria, vulnerability and pain of love. Taking us through all the feels.

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3. Superstar friends

Ed Sheeran appears to be one of the most popular kids in showbiz, is there anybody he isn’t friends with? Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Courtney Cox to name a few, his phonebook must be insane and we’re totally not jealous at all!

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4. Smashing records

Ed Sheeran has set a new UK chart record with his two singles from his album Divide, shooting straight in at number one and two in the chart. Way to go, Ed!

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5. Graham the kitten

We can’t forget the time Ed adopted a cute little kitten. After naming the cute kitty Graham, Ed set up a Twitter account to document Graham's daily life. Of course, this went down a treat because who doesn’t love a cute kitten?

6. Staying humble

Let's face it. Trying to stay humble when you’re earning megabucks from the career you’ve always dreamt of can’t be easy. But somehow a small handful of celebs manage it, with Ed Sheeran being one of them, we can’t appreciate him enough for it.

7. Playing dress up

Dressing up is something that you have to embrace in order to avoid feeling slightly awkward and embarrassed, and Ed Sheeran's a pro at it!

8. Holding babies

There’s something super cute about guys holding tiny little babies, and even more cute when they are a famous celebrity.

9. Knowing what’s good

He’s able to enjoy the simple things in life. Like pasta and grated cheese. YUM.

In summary, Ed Sheeran is an all round good egg who doesn’t take life too seriously… don’t we all need a friend like that in our life?!

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