8 ways to make money

We all know that the number one struggle of being a student is not the amount of work (although that comes a close second), it's never having any money! Being on a student budget can be tough when it comes to wanting to plan exciting things for the summer like festivals, trips and holidays so if you're after a bit of extra cash to see you over the next few months then I've come up with 8 ways to get it! All totally legit and pretty simple - now that Ibiza holiday isn't looking as far out of reach right?

1. Set up a Depop or eBay account

Got loads of old clothes, consoles, DVDs and other general stuff that you tend to leave at home rather than bothering to bring to uni with you? Why not sell it? It's quick, simple and you can get the money almost immediately! Plus, you can send it all out with a massive 45% off with Parcelforce when sending parcels express24, express48 or when sending to European destinations, saving you so much cash. ‌

2. Rent out your stuff

If you have cameras or other electrical bits that you don't use very much but don't want to throw out either then you could rent it out and add a bit more to your bank account.

3. Get a cashback credit card

This one requires a bit more patience but if you invest in a cashback credit card then you'll get money back on every single thing you buy! Obviously you have to make sure it's all paid off on time and you have to be responsible with it but it's a pretty nifty idea.

4. Become a mystery shopper

For any shopaholics like me then this one is probably right up your street - you could get paid to shop! Sign up to be a mystery shopper and you could get paid to go to your favourite places (McDonalds, Wetherspoons and loads of fashion brands, supermarkets and even gyms!); you just have to rate your shopping experience when you go!

5. Create An Etsy Shop

Are you a bit crafty? If so you could set up an Etsy shop and sell the things you make on there for some extra money.

6. Sign up for UNiDAYS rewards

It could not be simpler - if you sign up for UNiDAYS rewards then you could receive credit towards gift vouchers for every single person who you refer!

7. Be an extra on TV

This one might be a bit harder to get into but if you've ever fancied seeing yourself stood behind Phil Mitchell in the Queen Vic then you could be paid to be an extra on TV!

8. Get A Part-Time Job

This one is probably the least creative but it's the way that most of us go; not only will a job provide you with money for the summer but it will also give you valuable experience and skills for after you've left uni and are looking to kick start your career! Hero image source

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