5 steps to getting your Christmas budget sorted

Christmas budget got your tinsel in a twist? ‘Tis the season for giving and it can all get a bit overwhelming. But with a few simple steps you can get all your reindeer in a row and sort out your festive finances.

1. What have you got to play with?

Look at your current bank balance. Subtract your bills/food/rent from that and then a little extra for any seasonal emergencies.

What’s left over is what you have to spend.

2. Who’re you buying for?

List everyone you want to buy a present for. Then read over your list again when you’re done and ask yourself if you definitely have to buy everyone on that list a present. Sounds mean, but that friend from home you only see once a year and never otherwise speak to probably doesn’t need to be on your list.

3. How much do you want to spend on each person?

This could simply be a matter of dividing your budget by the number of people on your list. But you may not want to spend as much on Great Auntie Mabel as you would your mum, for example. Write down how much you want to spend next to each person’s name (and then double-check that when it’s all added up it doesn’t exceed your budget).

4. Stick to your budget!

Yes. I know it sounds obvious, but it can be tricky not to go crazy when faced with all the joy of the Christmas aisle. Be a savvy shopper and use your UNiDAYS account to get the best deals on your gifts, keep an eye on your inbox too for offers and deals to help you save £££.

5. Keep checking back on your budget

When you’ve bought a gift for someone, tick them off your list and also write down how much it cost. Remember, if you go over budget on one gift, you’ll need to be under budget on another gift.

Often, the best gift you can give someone is your time and a small, thoughtful gift will outweigh a huge extravagance every time.

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