5 lads you'll definitely meet this Freshers

Ah Freshers, potentially the best two weeks of the academic year. You will meet so many people and won't remember the names of half of them. You will perfect small talk and have nailed an interesting fact about yourself for all the weird icebreakers you're made to do. It is also guaranteed that you will meet these 5 types of lads...

1. The course friend

He introduced himself on the Freshers page and was always really keen and chatty in the course chat. He even planned to meet up so you could walk to your first lecture together, then it got a bit clingy. Two weeks in and you find yourself avoiding him in lectures and dodging eye contact in seminars.

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2. The rugby boy

He was what uni was all about. He was muscly and attractive and also way out of your league. That is until you saw him necking on with three different girls in one night at the SU and you realised he had no standards and was definitely not worth your time. Onwards and upwards, babe.

3. The Library hottie

He caught your eye in one late night library session and you will treasure that moment for a lifetime as you imagine yourself telling your children how you met. You dream of your lives together until you see his girlfriend appear, coffee in hand and you look down sheepishly pretending you weren't just staring at his ass. You spend the rest of the semester comparing yourself to her as you slowly morph into her.

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4. The overly friendly one

He seemed sweet at first but actually he is a bit of a creep and he now turns up at your pres uninvited. You can’t actually remember how you met him but he seems to be everywhere. He is the touchy feely type and you are not down for that. He will be the person you bump into throughout your three years at uni and every time you'll wish you didn’t. He will try something on a night out, be prepared.

5. The one you kind of know

He is the son of your mum’s best friends’ friend aka a distant relative in your mum’s eyes so she always asks how he is. You tell her you don't know him but she insists you should introduce yourself because you'll get on really well. Before you know it, you’re drunk in the SU and you find yourself telling him your life story and how your mums know each other. You embarrass yourself by drunkenly falling over several times and you spend the rest of the semester avoiding him and telling your mum repeatedly that you just don't want to talk to him.

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Don't worry though, you'll also meet a bunch of other people who will become your BBFLs and that’s all that matters.

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