10 real life ghost stories that'll scare the $#!* out of you

We at UNiDAYS love a good scary story, so when we asked around to see if we knew anyone with real-life spooky experiences, we weren't disappointed one bit. Enjoy our collection of ghost stories if you are brave enough to read on...

1. For anyone with loud upstairs neighbours

"My sister and I were staying at an old, historic hotel in the middle of nowhere Montana. The building had been in use since the 1800s. My sister loves this place and has frequented it many times over the years.

I was kept up all night by someone pacing around on the hardwood floors in the room above ours. Drove me crazy.

In the morning, I asked my sister how she could sleep through it and she told me that the upstairs of the building used to be a ballroom, but now it's carpeted and empty. The hotel staff confirmed that nobody was up there and furthermore if they were, I wouldn't have heard heels on the hardwood floor.

Weeeiiiird.” - Kristi An image GIF source

2. That’s Right

"I was at a slumber party in 8th grade with a few of my friends when we decided (stupidly) to have a seance in her unfinished basement. We were having fun and giggling as we were trying to figure out who to summon when someone suggested Jack the Ripper (a serial killer from the late 1800’s) and I immediately got a pit in my stomach.

“No,” I spoke up, “we shouldn’t summon something evil.”

“That’s right,” called a MAN’S VOICE from the other side of the cellar.

There were no boys or men there (we were home alone).

Another girl and I heard it.

I’ll never be the same." - Abby An image GIF source

3. Demon in the dark

"My family travelled to the south of France to stay in a cottage owned by someone my Dad worked with. The owners visited occasionally but that summer it was free and we had 10 days booked in there.

After a long two days on the road we drove down a steep driveway towards a secluded mill cottage, with the water wheel sat static alongside the stone house. There was a deep cellar with stone stairs down under the wheel next to the house, and a small river circled the place.

We went into the house and chose rooms, but being set down in a small copse, the house was drafty and cold from lack of use. We settled in and turned all of the heating on, yet the house remained cold and felt damp. The first night we had set a fire in the living room and listened to a couple of audiobooks before my sister and me went to sleep. My parents stayed up a little longer then went to bed.

Around midnight they both woke up at exactly the same time, and the door to their bedroom was opening slowly. At first, they thought it was my sister until they saw a large dark silhouette of a man framed in the doorway, standing stock still, just looking in their direction as if appraising them. After a short period, the shape turned and started to move, as if satisfied and disappeared. They looked at each other but didn't speak, and both went back to sleep.

The next morning the house felt warm and dry, and sunlight was back through the windows, as if something had lifted, and accepted them. They spoke the next day and both agreed that although they were sceptics, it could not have been anything other than something supernatural in that doorway, deciding their worth." -Dave An image GIF source

4. Full heart, wet hands

“So I used to live at this address: XX

The houses were built to house the people building the railway in Derby in the 1800s (I only found this out after I left the house, thankfully.) It was a creepy house, really foreboding and every time I washed my hair in the shower, every time I opened my eyes, I expected something to be there.

Anyway, I came back from an afternoon lecture one afternoon, opened the door, walked up the first flight of stairs and saw a wet handprint on the floor, a really wet handprint. I was a bit like 'ummm very strange' at that moment but I didn't freak out. It was just out the ordinary.

So I walked up to see my housemate, Ed. I opened the door and he was on the phone to his girlfriend, not crying but massively in distress ... that was when the penny dropped… He then told me that as he was walking up the stairs earlier carrying a glass of water, he felt something cold go through him, almost a push, causing him to drop the water. He picked up the glass and ran upstairs to his room.

The water falling out the glass had created a handprint on the floor.....literally, a handprint. Every digit was in proportion. I did freak out at that moment as I'd put two and two together - I told everyone to get out the house which we did but then sheepishly returned after a FIFA session around another friend's house.

It was genuinely terrifying, might not sound it but it was haha. And all true.

If someone offered me $50 to go back and spend the night there by myself, despite the fact I lived there for a year with almost no incident, I wouldn't. There was something there that didn't want 6 college guys there.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the handprint. This was in 2012 prior to the culture of taking a photo/selfie of literally everything. I wish I had thought.” - Alex An image GIF source

5. House for sale/currently occupied

“When I was a kid, we lived in a haunted house. Strange things happened all the time.

For example, my dad and I were alone in the kitchen one day making a snack. We put a plate on the kitchen counter and walked away to the fridge. We got what we wanted out of the fridge, turned around to walk back to the counter and the plate flew off the kitchen counter and broke on the floor.

My dad tried to calm me by saying the plate must have been blown off the counter, but let's face it: the plate wasn't near the edge of the counter, and there were no windows or doors open. No one else was home. Weeeiiiirrrd.

I also woke up to an old lady standing by the bed on more than one occasion. I told myself I was dreaming.

This part might be dark, but here's the rest of the story:

Years later, I looked up the address and found that an old couple lived there for many years right before we moved in. Apparently, the house was broken into and the old woman was raped and murdered. The old man sold the house and moved. We were the first occupants since the incident. WTF!

We only lived there for about a year. My parents swear we moved so quickly because we got a better deal on another house nearby, but we know it was because the house was haunted and the priest they brought in to bless the place told them we should move. No joke!” - Kristi An image GIF source

6. Theater I hardly know her

“In college, I was a part of our drama club and we used a 100+-year-old opera house in downtown Biddeford, ME as our theatre. So, I was there alone doing work on the set for our next show and of course being in a theatre alone is creepy as it gets anyway!

This theatre was old enough to have the wooden walkways above the stage that went from one side to the other. As I am painting I could have sworn I heard someone run across them multiple times. I try to block it out but that is nearly impossible. Just as I am about to finish I hear something fall from above the stage...even though I couldn't find anything it convinced me enough that I was done for the day.

Apparently, there's a story of a ghost of an opera singer that died there in Halloween.

Before that, I never believed in ghosts.” - Mike An image GIF source

7. Kitchen nightmares

“Ok get ready for this story..... so I was closing up the bar one night after a long shift. As I was carrying a rack of glasses into the kitchen, I slipped on the wet floor I had just mopped, fell to the floor, and let out an instinctual “Aaah!”

Immediately after as I’m sitting on the wet floor, I hear a low pitched moan. It was so audible that I actually thought it was a real person. This was startling considering I was the only person left in the bar. I stood up, completely frozen, and yelled, “hello?!”

Again, immediately, I hear the same low-pitched moan, except this time it was louder. Now I’m starting to freak out a little bit, but for whatever reason, I decide to walk closer to where I heard the sound coming from. I yell very loudly, “HELLO??!”

For the third time, I now hear a VERY loud, low-pitched moan. That was it for me. I ran back into the kitchen, grabbed the biggest kitchen knife I could find (because that seemed logical at the time... haha) grabbed my purse, ran out the door, and never looked back.

It was funny trying to explain to the chef the next day why he was missing a knife during his morning prep. The creepiest part? I come to find out that there was some sort of accident that had occurred in the restaurant years before, with the son of the owner, and word around town was that he died right there in the bar. (True freakin story!!)” - Kat An image GIF source

8. “Roommate”

“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my roommate is giggling and playing with my hair & in the morning she doesn’t remember...” - Mikey An image GIF source

9. Please stop moving the kitchen table

“My house was fraught with weird stuff happening when we first moved in. The kitchen table would move overnight 12 to 18 inches. My keys will disappear and show up in the weirdest places like my quilt trunk.

[My son] Christopher went into the basement and things came flying off the shelf at him. He also saw someone walking on our wraparound porch once but no one was there.

The most obvious one was a few years ago, twice this happened. I was sweeping the kitchen floor. The door to the porch started shaking uncontrollably. It was like someone was trying to open the door without turning the knob. Lasted about 15 seconds. Keep in mind this is a wraparound porch completely enclosed. I knew it was bad because my dogs, who will bark at a butterfly flying past the window, all looked up at the door and stepped back. Both times it happened I was doing the same thing about the same time at night.

By the way as a sidenote. I walked into the kitchen table one night while going to the bathroom. It was not the first time I walked into the kitchen table because it was moved. So I just said, “Please stop moving the kitchen table,” and it never moved again. - Barbara An image GIF source

10. Orb you glad I said banana

“I have a photo of ghosts from the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA! The ship is notoriously haunted (something about a collision with a Russian submarine in WWI or WWII). I went there in Jr. High with some friends and we found an old ballroom that had weird vibes. We were dancing around and playing in there, my friend's mom took some photos. When we got them developed there were orbs, even a ghostly hand showed up in one of them! I was also just in New Orleans this time last year, we stayed in a house on St. Charles built in the 1800s. My fiancé saw a ghost twice in the house!” - Ashton An image GIF source

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