Your ultimate final term checklist

Whether you're in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th year, the final term of uni is a funny one. There's always so much to finish off, a load of things to do and the prospect of an amazing summer in front of you. Here are the things that you 100% need to not forget to do!

1st & 2nd Year

1. Finish on a high

Get everything in on time, party with your buds and leave any aggravation at the door. Life's too short!

2. Prep for next year

You've almost nailed a full year (or two!) so you're pretty much a pro now. Make sure that you organise an internship or work experience for at least a few weeks over the summer. It's an awesome time to get some extra experience under your belt and on your CV.

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3. Make plans

Don't forget about your uni friends whilst you're at home for the summer! Make at least one date in the diary with them all for a catch-up, even if you're heading back to your uni city. It'll make things 100% less weird when you head back in September/October time.

4. Get a job

The summer is the ideal time to make cash so don't waste it! Remember how crap it is being super skint at uni? You've got two more years of this so make some dollar whilst you've got the time off.

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5. Do the summer work

Srsly. It's there to help you get that thing you're paying for. An hour a day isn't going to ruin your life.

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Final Year

You've made it. It's almost over! The big wide world is literally a dissertation away and you've probably got the biggest job out of every student. Sorting the rest of your life out. No biggie.

1. Get a job/sort your future out

You might be about to have a quarter life crisis but, don't freak out, it's totally normal. You'll be thinking all "did I choose the right course", "will I get a job?", "what's next?". Take a step back, make sure you're nailing your degree and apply, apply, apply. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile with everything that you've experienced, learned and achieved over your time at uni. Throw yourself into job interviews, it's the only way to get over it!

2. Book a break away

Whether it's a cheeky city break or a full on summer holiday, get a break away from uni before you head into the big ol' world of work. You deserve it!

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3. Get your deposit back

You don't want to be ending uni on the annoying point of not getting all your flat or house deposit back. Spend a weekend towards the end of term deep cleaning with your housemates and you're guaranteed all that dollar back. Happy days!

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4. Pack!

If you're moving out of your house then you need to take ever-y-thing with you. This is a fantastic time to have a clear out of stuff that you don't need. Whack a load of stuff on eBay, make some cash to pay for that holiday!

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5. Actually get a degree

Yep. Your final term is going to be the time that you have to finish your essays, projects and dissertation. Focus and ask for help if you're struggling with anything. Everyone is in the same boat! Get yourself a study buddy and head down to that library. And don't be afraid to chat to your lecturers because, after all, they're the experts in your subject!

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6. Don't stress

As much as it might be tricky, you need to not stress as much as you can. Try to enjoy your last term at uni because it is the last time that you'll be able to pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want. Embrace that freedom!

7. Have no regrets

You've done it. It's nearly finished and you can't change anything! If you loved uni then you can just remember it as an amazing time and try and keep in touch with as many people as you can. But, if you didn't love uni that much, don't feel like it's been a wasted time. You've got the degree that you went there for and now you can hit the ground running and get on with life. Either way, it's all good!

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