Top 5 money saving apps

We all know the feeling.

Where has my money gone? I swear I had more than that,
Every student ever

The struggles of student budgets are well and truly real. But, you can track, save and budget your money with a little help from our 5 favourite money-related apps!

1. Best for monitoring spends: Monzo

Monzo is a prepaid (by you) card that you can top up with whatever disposable income you have and use it like a debit card. The app will send you notifications whenever you spend money. It can also let you know what you're spending the most on! I.e drinks at Wetherspoons, food from McDonald's or fresh threads from Topman.

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2. Best for stopping arguments: Splittable

I swear by this app for stopping arguments. "I bought milk". "Yeah, but I bought garlic bread and that cost 40p more so you owe me money." STOP.

With Splittable you can add as many people into your 'Household' as you like. Whether it's 4 housemates, your brother and sister or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Then, all you do is add in what you bought and how much it was and they'll do the same. Then, Splittable will tell you who's in credit and who owes who what money. It's amazing.

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3. Best for cashback: Quidco

Hey cashback! Oh yeah! Getting money back on what you're buying as well as letting you know about offer codes and other cool stuff. Sometimes it can take a while for the cashback to track but, once you've got it, it's yours to keep. You'll be spending the money anyway, so, why not get money back?

4. Best for tracking: OnTrees Personal Finance

Ok, this one sounds kinda dull, I'll give you that one. But, it's good if you have many accounts with different banks. You can see your current account with Natwest, your credit card from Tesco and your savings account from HSBC all in one place (if you have them)! It also shows you a handy breakdown of money in vs money out and tells you where you're spending what money.

5. Best for discounts: UNiDAYS

Duh. You didn't think we'd finish this off without boasting about our amazing offers did you? Well, you know all about them anyway. It's also full of exclusive content, competitions and cuh-razy games! Download the app here!

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