How to get summer work experience

Exam season is coming to an end and after many celebrations, why not use your new found freedom wisely? Start looking for opportunities that can boost your CV with the possibility of earning some cash. Work experience is the perfect way to gain insight into different sectors. Work experience is the perfect opportunity to discover what particular roles are like. It can help you with future decisions for what to do after uni too.

So, where do you begin?

1. Perfect your CV

Before you even begin your mission of applying, the first step is to make sure your CV is up to date. Be prepared for what employers are looking for and make sure your CV translates your experiences and achievements accordingly. You need to make sure your CV has a strong impact and of course is ready to impress. Refresh your LinkedIn account at the same time. This is super important at the moment due to the rise of online presence as part of hiring processes. Also, having a rough template for a cover letter will also save some time.

2. Begin your search early

There are thousands of students who will be trying to secure work experience for the summer months. You need to be one step ahead! If you are unsure of where to start, your university careers service can definitely help. Start by simply gathering contacts for companies that interest you. Send emails, make phone calls and send your CV around!

3. Be proactive

If you can see that a company is hiring over summer, why not go in for yourself with your CV? Being proactive and applying in person can take you a long way. There is no harm in going in, introducing yourself and showing the employer your determination to work. Who knows, you might even be offered the job there and then!

4. Think about volunteering opportunities

Many charities are always looking for volunteers all year round. Whether this is at a festival, in-store, or helping out at events. Volunteering is a perfect way to get some experience over summer and is also a great way to learn and develop skills. It can lead to many fantastic opportunities. A perfect way to start building up your CV!

5. Attend any career opportunities at your university

If there is a career fair taking place at your university, make sure to go! This is the perfect chance to meet face to face with employers who are actively seeking great future employees. A.K.A you! Ask loads of questions and take down contact details.

6. Check on job search websites

Job search websites can do part of the work for you and provide you with job opportunities for over the summer. Many online companies advertise thousands of jobs daily and list the details. You can also check out companies that specify in providing internships such as RateMyPlacement, e4s or Milkround.

As a student myself I am aware of how difficult and competitive it is to gain experience. But, by being proactive, organised and determined you can gain great experience and work opportunities. Whether you are looking for experience for your CV or some work to help fund your summer, follow these tips to make sure you have a smooth search to reach your goal.

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