6 ways to keep your nerves under control before an exam

It’s completely natural to feel nervous before an exam, but you don’t want the nerves to get the better of you, right? We know exactly how you’re feeling, so here are 6 of the best ways to keep those pesky pre-exam feels at bay so you can perform to your maximum potential. You’ve got this!

1. Have some time to yourself

There’s nothing worse than those 10 minutes before an exam where everyone is buzzing around, stressing out and recalling random bits of information. Try to take yourself away from the situation and have some time to yourself. Whether you go for a quick walk or find a quiet room, you definitely won’t miss the chaos.

2. Make sure you've got everything you need

Knowing you’ve got everything you need is great for calming your nerves pre-exam. Not sure exactly what you need? Take a look at previous or specimen papers online - these usually have a list on the front of the required materials you need to sit the exam. Failing that, just ask your teacher or lecturer. Simple! Don’t be ‘that person’ who turns up to an exam without a pen.

3. Listen to music

There’s no better time than before an exam to plug your headphones in and have some time out. Are you an Android user? It’s your lucky day! Apple Music on Android is here, and we’re loving it. Personalised song, artist and playlist recommendations, a new search tab plus thousands of curated playlists at your fingertips are just a few (yep, few!) of the awesome news ways Apple Music on Android makes it easier to find the music you love. Calming and concentration playlists are ideal for getting you in the ‘exam zone.’

4. Positive thinking

If you go into the exam with a negative mindset, this may take its toll on your performance. It’s time to say goodbye to those negative thoughts! If you go in thinking ‘yep, I’ve got this’, it will reflect. It’s super important to remember that you’ve done your best, and that’s all anybody can ask of you. Positivity is key, guys!


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5. Avoid cramming

Thinking about cramming on the morning of an exam? Avoid, avoid, avoid. It’s only going to get you worked up. Information overload alert! If you’ve been doing a good amount of revision in the weeks leading up to an exam, you shouldn’t feel the need to cram. Make the day of an exam as relaxing as possible and you’ll definitely notice a difference.

6. Get to the exam early

With the pressure of an exam looming, the last thing you want is to be running late. If you don’t have a genuine reason for your lateness, you can lose the time you’ve missed. So not worth it. Make sure you’re ready to go in a good 10 - 20 minutes before the time the exam is due to start and you’ll be a lot more relaxed.

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