How to budget as a student

Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard, but the more organised you are, the easier it will be. Budgeting as a student can make an impact to the amount of money you spend on the necessities.

Food and drink

Food and drink tends to be the biggest expenditure for a lot of students! If you give yourself a monthly food budget, you’re less likely to be impulsive when shopping. Don't forget to make the most of your Iceland discount too!

Meal plan

Meal plan before going to the supermarket. There are always discounts, but if they’re on things you don’t need, it’s not a bargain. Also, first rule in the book - never ever go food shopping hungry.

Buy in bulk

If you know there is something you always buy, the likelihood is, it’s cheaper to buy more at the same time.

Cook with friends

If you take it in turns to cook with friends, your shopping bill will be much lower. Always consider shopping as a group, it’s more sociable, and will save you money.

Course materials and resources


You don’t have to buy all of the course materials new. Several places offer book swaps, or reduced second hand books - this could really save you some money. Also, don’t forget that your uni library is likely to have the course materials, get in there first and check before purchasing.

Printing costs

The university may not be the cheapest place to print. Always shop around, and you never know - you may be able to print from a friend’s printer if you supply some ink.



If you are planning to travel somewhere, advance tickets are often a little cheaper, so the sooner you book, the more you may save.

Get a railcard

If you use trains often, get yourself a railcard! It save you ⅓ on train travel.

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Toiletries can be pricey if you leave them til you need it. When you see your fave things on offer, buy two! With your Superdrug discount, you’ll still get an additional 10% off these items too.



Give yourself a budget for entertainment, and before booking, always look out for a bargain on Groupon and Virgin Experience Days.

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