5 ways to stay calm after a tough exam

We all know that horrible feeling of walking out of a tough exam, it feels like all of your hard work was for nothing. Not okay. If you’re feeling like this after any of your exams, please try not to panic too much. It’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to think about your wellbeing. Here are 5 different ways for you to stay calm and get on with your life.

1. Don't overthink it

It’s so tempting to come out of an exam and discuss your answers with your friends, look back through textbooks for answers and look on online forums. Avoid doing this at all costs, it’s only going to make you more worked up. Once you’ve finished an exam there’s nothing you can do to change it, so it’s in your best interests to not overthink it and move on.

2. Do something you enjoy

Another way to take your mind off of a hard exam is to have some time out to do something you enjoy. Whether you indulge in some retail therapy, go for a coffee or do something sporty, it will really help to boost your mood. But remember the golden rule - no exam talk! Whilst exams are important, you have still got to have a life.

3. Push on

If you’ve still got more exams to sit, don’t let one bad exam put you off-track for the rest. By getting your head down and cracking on with your revision, it’s not only going to help you take your mind off the hard exam, but it will also help you in getting back into a positive mindset. You’ve probably done a lot better than you think, so is it really worth compromising your other exams? Exactly. Keep positive!

4. Get an early night

By sleeping on it, you might realise that you were being too hard on yourself. Everyone always feels better after a good night’s kip. But, we all know that our brains like to work overtime in bed, so distract yourself by listening to some music or reading a book. Being well-rested will help you to approach stressful situations more calmly and rationally.


5. Try some relaxation techniques

Taking yourself away from the situation and trying out some different relaxation techniques will be so helpful in easing those feelings of stress and anxiety. Check out this post for tips on all things relaxation from deep abdominal breathing to creating your own zen zone.

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