10 tips to boss clearing

Clearing definitely isn't the end of the world, it could actually be the route to a whole new and perhaps more interesting course! Here are 10 tips to make sure that you're really making the most out of it.

1. Understand clearing

Clearing can be confusing so here are a few pointers on how to know if you are eligible. You can take part in Clearing if your Firm or Insurance choice of universities are unable to accept you based on the results you have achieved, you have not received any offers or you have declined all of your offers or if you haven't yet applied for a course during the main 2016 entry cycle.

2. Know what you want to study

You'll probably have a good idea of this already if you've already applied for uni, this is great, you're already halfway there. But, if you haven't already decided exactly what you want to study, now's the time! Do some career quizzes, talk to people with jobs you think are cool, dream big, you don't know where this could take you!

3. Find where you want to study

You know what but now you need to decide where. Think about the course and the university's facilities, the distance from home, travel links, where your friends are going, where you want to explore, North vs South vs Midlands vs Ireland vs everywhere else! There's a lot to consider and we have a load of 'Reasons To Study In' posts that could be useful here! ‌

4. Make a record

List every university, course and the contact details down before you start to think about contacting anyone, you should also make sure you have everything to hand such as your details that they will need. Make sure you know all of your grades including the breakdown of some modules, occasionally universities will be interested in this. Get filing and list making!

5. Get personal

You will have already submitted your personal statement to UCAS but just give it the once over to check that nothing has changed and that you're still happy with it before you submit it to anymore universities. Plus, it's a great idea to have it printed out in front of you as a reference point when you're contacting courses.

6. Keep your diary free

Some universities might want to invite you in for interviews for their clearing courses so keep the Friday & Saturday after Results Day free in your calendar!

7. Get snacks

You're going to need them for the next step. Those phone lines can get busier than the X Factor final, you could be in it for the long run. ‌

8. What's next?

Now you've found a Clearing course on a university's website that you'd be interested in going to, it's time to get on the phones! You then have to ring the university if they are showing that they have vacancies. This is when you'll speak to a course tutor and then you could be offered a place over the phone. If you have received a verbal offer, you can access UCAS Track from 5pm on Results Day to input this information. Then, your chosen uni will also access Track to confirm the offer. Sorted! Check out the below for some more tips on how to get that all important offer!

9. Student finance

It's important that you let student finance know your details for your course if you've previously applied. You don't want to be missing out on any pennies!

10. Chill out and celebrate!

When you're in, you're in! No one can take that away from you, you totally did it. Clearing or no clearing, you're going to uni - time to celebrate.

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