Reasons to take a travel gap year

If you’ve already decided that you’re going to take a gap year, then congrats! You’re going to have an awesome time. If you’re still on the fence and need a little more convincing to head off on the adventure of a lifetime, check out these 7 reasons to take a travel gap year.

Soak up the culture

Learning about different cultures is one of the real beauties of travel. Regardless of your destination, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do this on a travel gap year.

Not only will you witness it first hand, but you’ll be able to plunge right in and actually live it. You’ll discover new foods, different ways of life, alternate customs, unique traditions and distinct values. All of this will alter your own worldviews and help you to grow as a person.

Learn a language

Heading off for a gap year in foreign climes could provide the perfect opportunity to master a second language. Immersion is the absolute best way to learn a language, so if you’re serious about it then be prepared to shed those inhibitions.

Download Duolingo, book some lessons and force yourself to start trying to speak right away. Sure you’ll feel silly at first and make plenty of mistakes. But a second language can open many doors from friendships and relationships to incredible career opportunities.

Develop some new life skills

Travelling independently will allow you to develop a whole new set of life skills that you wouldn’t necessarily otherwise gain.

You’ll become more adaptable through having to cope with unfamiliar situations. You’ll learn to communicate with people better through interacting in different environments. And you’ll gain a level of independence you never knew possible.

Make new friends

Whether you’re an inhibited introvert or a natural networker, travel is a brilliant way to widen your social circle. It’s impossible not to make friends as you’ll constantly be meeting new people.

Travellers tend to be a friendly bunch, keen to make friends and share good times. Whether it’s on walking tours, longer excursions, or just in the hostel lobby, you’re guaranteed to make some really special connections with new sidekicks.

Enjoy unforgettable experiences

A travel gap year gives you the perfect platform to enjoy experiences you may never get the chance to again. Whether you crave adrenaline or have a bucket list as long as your arm, now’s your chance to start making memories.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of volunteering in animal conservation. Maybe you fancy scuba diving a colourful coral reef among tropical sea life. Or possibly you’ve always had the urge to skydive from 32,000 feet. Whatever it is, you can make all of your wildest fantasies come to life.

Improve your resume

Believe it or not, a travel gap year can actually improve your chances of landing your dream job when you return. Many employers look favourably on young people who take the opportunity to follow their passions.

While some people worry about it damaging their prospects, it’s easy to put a positive spin on your gap year. Some structured activities, periods of volunteering, or impressive achievements could all make you stand out from the crowd.

Live life to the max

Many people look back on their travel gap year as the best period of their lives. It could be the one opportunity you have to get out and see some of the world, free of the responsibilities and commitments yet to come.

Nobody wants to look back on their life with regrets. Don’t miss out on the chance to live life to the max.

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