How to deal with a long-distance relationship at uni

It’s getting to that time of year where you’ve finally settled in to uni, and you’ve started to find your rhythm again. But, for those of you in long distance relationships, this is also the time where some cracks could start to show, afterall it’s probably been a while since you last saw your SO but hopefully you’ll be reunited soon over Christmas. As someone who was in a long-distance relationship throughout uni and made it work here’s some ways you can make the distance feel like nothing at all.

Stay in touch

It is easier than ever to stay in touch with someone who is not physically near you. Facetime them, skype them, whatsapp call them just to say hello. It’s so easy for hours to pass by talking like you’re on an actual date. Also, uni life can be busy and stressful but sending a message updating them on funny or interesting things throughout the day can help keep that closeness.


Communicate well

Just because you’re in contact with your boo doesn’t mean that’s all you have to do. When someone is not near you, messages and signals can often be misread. For instance, if you’re angry at your bf/gf and you send a passive aggressive message like ‘ok, fine’ and expect an apology for something, they may not interpret it that way. If they were with you they might be able to tell from your voice or body language that is actually IS NOT ‘ok fine.’ So when you are apart it;s even more important to be clear with your communication and sometimes you might have to spell out exactly how you’re feeling so you can sort the issue out in the best way.


Be honest

You’re going to have made completely new friends, a lot of whom your BF/GF won’t know much about. Filling them in on these people might make them feel more at ease about being away from you and ease any worries of being replaced! Another thing to be honest about is if some arrangements don’t work for you. If you prefer to set up a time to call but your partner is always calling right in the middle of pre-drink, it might create tension, so just be honest about what you want.


Visit each other!

Making time and effort to go see each other is a must. There's no point trying to have a whole relationship via Facetime when you can just jump on a train, coach or in the car and go see them! It often provides the recharge of the other person that you need.


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