6 things to do if you want to run the London Marathon next year

It’s that time of year again, the ultimate money raising, bragging rights event is back. There’s no other running event that gets people off their butts like the London Marathon.

If you’re now thinking you’d like to give it a go, I’ve lined up 6 things you need to do to make sure you can get involved this time next year.


Sounds simple right? Well there are actually a few ways to enter the London Marathon. One of the ways is by ballot, which means you may or may not get a place. Another is to run for a charity. To do this you need to pick a charity you’d like to raise money for, then contact them to see if they have any spaces available.

Listen to the MoJoe Podcast

Fancy following George Lamb’s journey from unfit to marathon runner? This awesome podcast takes you through all of George’s training, alongside coach Mo Farah and The Body Coach - Joe Wicks. There’s plenty of great tips on how to arrange your training and nutrition as well as the mindset needed to smash your marathon goals!

Get running

If you’re not already a runner then the training starts now! You can go ahead and download a couch to 5k app to get you started. The important thing is to start slow and steady and build up over time.

Throw in some alternative training

Although you’ll want to pound the pavements, running a marathon requires more than just running fitness. You’ll also want to complete strength and interval training to get you lean and work on your muscular endurance.

Get some running tunes

Listening to music when running helps to take your mind off the tough bits and gain some focus and motivation. There are plenty of running playlists available on Spotify, you can even match them to the pace of your training runs too.

Learn about nutrition

If you want to get the most out of your training you’re going to need a good diet to match it. You don’t need to be an expert though, by simply eating some of the good stuff at the right times you’ll fuel your body properly for the new exercise you’ll be doing!

There we have it, guys, 6 things you can do to get you up and running for next years London marathon.

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