5 uni room essentials!

1. Photos

Anything that reminds you of home, your family and your friends are great to have around you. No matter if you’re a crazy wall collage type of person or a neat photo frame lover, don’t forget these. It’s nice to have something physical there in your room as opposed to just having a stalk on Instagram every now and then! Grab these IWOOT photo coasters and save your coffee table from ruin in the mean time. uni-essentials-Article-2  

2. Fragrance

To avoid the stinky ‘I live with 8 other people’ smell that can sometimes take over student houses, grab yourself some serious air freshener, room spray or even candles if your landlord allows it! uni-essentials-Article-4

3. Stationery

You need to pimp that desk! Don’t let it become another dumping ground for forms, lecture notes and the odd post-it. Make it a killer study station that you actually want to work at with cute notebooks and pens. uni-essentials-Article-3

4. Soft furnishings

Let’s be honest, university rooms are essential just empty shells where who knows how many other students have slept in before! Pretty gross, maybe but it’s definitely been cleaned so you’ve got a blank canvas to really make your own. Cushions, blankets and rugs are the perfect way to do this on the cheap. We love this Biscat cushion from Ohh Deer.  uni-essentials-Article-5           

5. Climate control

Ok, so definitely don’t go installing insane systems into the room of your accommodation but have a think about investing in a small electric fan heater and perhaps a desk-fan. Heating can be a matter of university politics so you might want to have your own back when the elements hit! Or, go granny-chic and invest in an amazing electric blanket - when your heating breaks and there’s snow on the ground, you’ll definitely be loving this. uni-essentials-Article-1  

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