5 things to do on a budget

Calling all broke students…

Being on a budget can still mean having fun and going on adventure days out! Don’t let the stress of the New Year and being back at uni put you down. Read on to find out all the fun adventures and days out you can get up to, even on your student budget:

1. Breakout escape rooms

Round up your mates and enjoy a fun day trying to escape out of the breakout rooms! You can do this in groups of 2-5 people, meaning you can split the cost between you (so the more of you the better). This is such a fun and memorable day out. The breakout rooms are located in most major cities. So find out if there’s one in your area and add it to your list of things to do.

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2. Free museums around your area

Pretty much every city now has free museums that you can go and visit from the Tate museum in London to the Science and Industry museum in Manchester. These are a great day out as they cost nothing for entry. Find out more about the world with free visits to these amazing museums which are on offer to everyone.

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3. Walks in the park

Get out in the fresh air and take a scenic walk with your friends around where you live/around your uni's city. This is a great way to enjoy time with friends for free and get some exercise in your day too. Take your camera and snap some shots of the picturesque walks that you find, this is a great day out when you are on a budget. Take your own snacks and spend the day walking around beautiful parks, countryside’s, rivers or cities.

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4. Happy hour

Who doesn’t love happy hour or 241 cocktails?! This is the best time to go and have a drink with your friends when you are on a budget. Find your nearest bar that offers happy hour (most places do them in the week, which is totally fine when you’re a student!) and have some chilled drinks knowing that you won’t be totally out of pocket from one night out.

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5. Netflix and chill (literally)

So Friends has been recently added to the Netflix family, yayyy! This means it’s okay to spend a whole weekend binging on the latest box set right?! So whilst you’re comfy on the sofa order yourself a Deliveroo to accompany you for the perfect night in. This is totally doable on a budget too as UNiDAYS are offering £4 off your first order at Deliveroo! Sounds like the perfect night in.

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