5 pricey travel products that are worth the investment

Often the latest “must-have” travel products end up being nothing more than flash-in-the-pan, novelty fads. Sure a remote controlled suitcase that wheels its way through the airport may look cool, but you have to question what value you’re really going to get from it.

On the other hand there are some things that in spite of their sizeable price tags should be a serious consideration for any vacay. Here are 5 pricey travel products that are truly worth the investment.

Quality luggage

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on a weekend getaway or a month long backpacking trip, good luggage is an absolute essential. While cost doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, more often than not, cheap does equate to nasty.

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Your luggage takes a lot of punishment. Especially when you’re flying - let’s face it, baggage handlers don’t exactly have strong reputations for treating your belongings with a great deal of care. Regardless of whether you’re rocking a suitcase, backpack, duffle bag, or something else, make sure it’s capable of doing the job you ask of it.

Noise cancelling headphones

Ever sat next to a screaming kid on a long haul flight? Or checked in to your accommodation only to discover your room overlooks a traffic-laden main road full of clubs pumping out dirty basslines into the small hours?

If your answer is no, count yourself lucky. But don’t take it for granted that it won’t happen on your next break. A pair of noise cancelling headphones is the perfect answer. Pop them on and the outside world ceases to exist.

Kindle Paperwhite

Whether you’re a self confessed literary bookworm or just like to flick through the latest page turner, taking a stack of paperbacks on vacay simply isn’t an option. Even the smallest holiday reading haul will add serious weight to your suitcase and probably end up costing you big in extra baggage allowance.

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The simple answer to that problem is to invest in a Kindle. They weigh virtually nothing yet can hold a library worth of books. Unlike your phone or tablet, they’re glare-free and read like an actual book. And best of all they’re waterproof making them perfect for when you’re lounging around the pool or kicking back on the beach - in fact why not take them in with you?

Water filter bottle

Nothing ruins an overseas break quite like a bad dose of the travellers squits. It can have you glued to the toilet bowl for days on end and make you feel like crap when you should be having a ball. And water, our most basic necessity, is one of the main causes of all holiday illnesses for people heading overseas.

It can affect you even if the tap water is perfectly fine to drink due to unfamiliar stuff in the H2O that your stomach isn’t used to. A top quality water filter bottle that filters out bacteria and viruses takes all of the risk out of drinking water and means you can fill up from virtually any source. You’ll also be saving the world by not buying loads of plastic bottles.

Good travel Insurance

Travel insurance might seem like an expensive waste of money. Particularly if you’re lucky enough not to have to use it and it feels like you’ve paid well over the odds for a wordy email attachment.

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But if your bag goes missing, a flight gets delayed or cancelled, or you find yourself in a medical emergency, it will seem like a small price to pay. Opt for a good policy that covers you for all your needs instead of running the risk of financial ruin and unnecessary stress.

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