5 lies you’ve told yourself about running

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We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the road and a runner breezes past you. You probably think something like ‘Hah! I’ll never be someone that runs!’ or ‘I dunno how they do it?!’ But, before you dismiss running as something that’s not for you, we want to bust some myths you’ve heard because once you get into it, it’s one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get moving!

If you’re looking for a way to get started in running, the Hackney 5k run is the perfect way to start. Check out all the details here!

1. I don’t look like a runner

One of the biggest turn offs from running is that people just don’t think they have the right physique to run, because of the runners we’re used to seeing on TV. But we don’t have to look like Mo Farah to take up running and in fact, most runners look just like you and me!

Stepping out for your first run can be daunting, especially when you’re feeling self-conscious but the benefits of running apply to people of all shapes and sizes. From Bryony Gordon (who ran the London Marathon in her undies) to Hayet Rida (who runs for self love) there’s more and more body positive runners taking to instagram to break the stereotype of what a runner should look like and proving that running truly is for all!

2. I don’t have the time to run

Between uni, work and having a social life, lots of people say it’s hard to find the time to start running, but it’s actually one of the least time consuming ways to exercise. There are so many reasons why getting active, especially when you’re feeling busy, is so good for your mind and body including better concentration, reducing stress and improving your heart health. If you’re really stuck for time all you need to do is strap on a pair of shoes, head out the door and your workout for the day will be done and dusted before you know it.

3. I’m not fit enough to run

If someone mentions running, the first things that run through your head is probably the marathon or the Olympics. But there’s no need to hold yourself up to this gold standard of running. Most runners start off slow with 20 mins in their local park or even build up to it with apps that plan runs with walking breaks in between. Try out Nike Audio Guided runs on the NRC app for the perfect running companion. And once you continue, you’ll only see your fitness improving each time which is an added bonus!

4. I’m too lazy to run

At one stage or another, we’ve all told ourselves that we’re just lazy people who will never get along with those people who’d rather start their weekend with a run, when we’d rather spend it in one position binging our favourite Netflix show. But running is the ULTIMATE lazy person’s dream. There’s no need to bother with figuring out complicated gym timetables and no time wasted setting up direct debits because all you need is a pair of trainers and the road.

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5. Running is boring

This has to be one of the lies about running that I’ve heard banded around the most. Let me tell you something, if you find running boring, you’re doing it wrong! If you prefer a more solo approach, all that’s needed is to take some time curating a playlist of tunes that’ll get you feeling pumped. If you don’t like the solitude of running, there are so many cool (and usually free) running groups to join and each one has a different niche so you’ll definitely find one that’s right for you. One of our personal faves is Track Mafia who unite like-minded souls in search of speed.

There are also so many fun running events for you to get involved in and one of those is the Hackney 5k on 18th May. With music pumping and local food stalls waiting for you after you’ve finished, you’ll be fully immersed in a festival feeling and the run won’t feel like hard work at all! You’ll also get a medal and exclusive t-shirt at the end, as well as that feeling of accomplishment once you’ve completed it, minus the extra miles!

If you want to sign up to the Hackney 5k run or get more info make sure to visit their page.

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