5 easy tips to stay fit & healthy while travelling

Many people use taking off on a trip as an excuse to abandon their normal day to day routines. More often than not, diet and exercise are the first things out the window. Sure, nobody wants to spend hours on end slinging weights around or pounding the treadmill in the hotel gym when they could be out exploring. But it’s definitely possible to find a balance and maintain a decent lifestyle when you’re away. Here are 5 easy tips to stay fit and healthy while travelling.

Eat Well

We know that when you’re in an exotic destination surrounded by exciting new foods it can be tempting to devour everything in sight. But what you stuff in your gob has a huge bearing on how good you feel and your overall health.

Try to limit how many times you eat out while you’re away. Or if that’s not possible then make a point of choosing the healthy option at least once in a while. Another good way to stay on top of things is to eat fruit for breakfast. This will ensure you’re getting some goodness first thing and starting the day right.

Alcohol in Moderation

Now we like a beer when we travel as much as the next person. But if you’re guilty of getting into full-on holiday mode and as soon as you arrive at the airport then listen up. Alcohol is not only detrimental to your health, it’s also the quickest way to go from beach bod to dad bod.

Before you start calling us spoilsports, it’s fine to enjoy a few wee cocktails now and then. Just try not to go overboard too often and ensure you give yourself a few days off the sauce each week. You only get one liver, so look after it.

Keep Up Your Exercise Routine

OK, so your health probably won’t suffer for the sake of a week or two away from the gym. And in fact proper rest and recuperation is a key part of any good fitness plan. But just because you’re away from home that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep things ticking over. The longer you travel for, the more important this becomes.

Simple measures can make a big difference, and it’s easy to keep it interesting and varied. Going for a run is a great way to get to know somewhere new. Take a morning swim in the pool or sea before heading out for the day. Check out a local yoga class or hire a bike for the day to get around.

Walk as Much as Possible

When you hit a new destination, exploring it by foot is often the best way to get under its skin. You get to know places and see things that you wouldn’t otherwise experience, and it gives you a great perspective. Daily walking is also a fantastic way to maintain your fitness.

Don’t just head straight to the metro when you’re out and about. Check the distance on maps beforehand to see if it’s walkable instead. And always take the stairs instead of jumping in the lift or on the elevator - it’s a free workout for your glutes.

Stay Hydrated

Hands up if you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water every day? Yeah didn’t think so. Pretty much all of us should be guzzling more H2O than we currently do. But it’s doubly important when you’re away living it up in warmer climes.

Dehydration can have serious side effects and will quickly ruin your getaway. A good plan to make sure you get enough of the wet stuff is to carry a filter bottle with you at all times. The best ones enable you to drink water from virtually any source meaning you’ll never have a dry throat again.

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