11 surefire holiday happenings

We all know what happens, we've seen Very British Problems and we're proud of it. Here are the 11 things that will definitely happy before, during and after your holiday. Every single year!

1. The review reading

Before you even book your hotel you're reading a trillion reviews on Hotels.com and convincing yourself that where you're looking at is the best place you could ever stay until you read one terrible review from Paul, 35 in Southampton. Don't listen to Paul, what does he know?

2. The packing nightmare

If you're travelling hand luggage only then there's occasionally a little bit of packing drama. Do you need 6 pairs of shoes for a week away? Probably not, but you're going to try and force them in anyway.

3. The airport panic

Someone will forget their little plastic bag for liquids, lose their boarding pass and probably hit somebody in the face with their giant Toblerone on the plane by accident.

4. The "I'm going on holiday" instagram

Whether you're a passport and shoe selfie kinda person or a classic plane wing out of the window person, it's gotta happen (both on your out and return flights)! ‌

5. The breakfast buffet situation

Breakfast is one of my favourite things anyway but a holiday breakfast is something else. You have to absolutely go in on the breakfast buffet every single morning. Yep, you need three courses. ‌

6. Holiday friends

If you're with your parents they will undoubtedly make holiday friends. Those people that they see in the hotel bar or around the pool that they are instantly best friends with. Or, if you're me and 23, you'll make best friends with two couples over the age of 45 and feel like you've never had a better time in your life. Tragic. giphy

 7. The lunchtime pint

It becomes totally normal and 100% OK to have a beer with lunch time. It's actually weird if you don't want a pint. ‌

8. The between each course ice cream

When you're literally so full from dinner but you have to have an ice cream because - holiday.

9. The last day blues

Planning to do everything on your last day but actually just ending up chilling around the pool.

10. The goodbyes

The awkward 'shall we be friends on Facebook?' thing with the holiday friends and the waving goodbye to cute hotel staff that have put up with your crap for a week or more. It's all part of the holiday experience.

11. Bye holiday clothes

Packing away all your 'holiday clothes' until next time. The struggle is real. Don't forget that you can grab an epic 10% off Hotels.com with your UNiDAYS discount and make that holiday experience even better! hotels-perk-tile

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